XBox One Load Order

Ever notice how you randomly CTD for no discernable reason? Ever been told it’s your “load order” but you follow a strict guide and still get a crash? This list is what I use for my PC and both the PC and Console load mods the same way. The *only* difference for PC is that meshes and texture overwrites are in loose files. With console, we simply place them in the right order for proper overwriting.

9 times out 10 your crash is being caused by a “dirty” mod. These are mods that have been improperly imported from 32bit to 64bit and weren’t cleaned in xEdit. Even mods made in 64bit need to be cleaned! Changes from USSEP should always carry over even if USSEP isn’t a requirement.  There is no ifs and ands or buts about it- we MA’s and OMA’s must clean our mods!

Don’t worry about your categories or slots, instead focus on reading what the mod changes and place it accordingly.  Placement is what matters.

For instance – M’rissi’s Tales of Troubles edits the Alchemist Shack area so you don’t want to have a mod with a house there. If a mod edits the area, like adds bandits or guards, place M’rssi under it.  In this way you get the modded house’s navmesh triangles and M’rissi’s items will be visible.


Mods placed last are the winners of the race. Whatever edits they have take center stage and the game ignores any other edits.

General Guideline For X1 Users:

  • Master Files and Foundations – USSEP, Campfire, CCO, Menu screen changes, Fonts; mods that you never use more than one of and are 100% self contained
  • Quest Alterations – this is where you put safe quest mods such as the Paarthurnax Dilemma or Gildergren Regrown
  • Crafting and Craftables – mods like Alchemical Cooking can go here
  • Gameplay Overhaul, Magic and Perk Overhauls – such as Ordinator, Apocalypse, Adromeda,  Toggle Compass
  • Leveled lists – such as MLU, Skyrim unLeveled. If you use mods that don’t have patches for each other, the lowest leveled list wins. I suggest never using more than one or two at a time with the patches.
  • Audio – such as Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul
  • Weather/Atmosphere – the only time weather goes lower is if using ELFX enhanced which alters several imagespaces – then a weather mod goes under that. It is far better to have a cohesive weather mod than trying to break it up
  • Grass Mods with landscape fixes – Such as Veydosebrom or Verdant
  • NPC/PC Meshes and Textures – NPC/PC  mesh and textures should only affect that: meshes and texturs. Adding in an NPC overhaul on top means *only* using that. The console has issues rendering too much at once and overlap will cause your GPU to tank.
  • General Mesh and Texture Overhauls – Do not overlap if you can help it. The more overlap you have, the higher chance of GPU rendering issues, notably with the X version of the console.
  • NPC AI – this is a good place for mods such as Realistic AI detection, Better Crime Report Radius,
  • NPC/PC Appearance Modifications- this is for mods such as Divine People Overhaul which manually edits faces , adds better clothing and requires facegen files so you don’t get the fruity pebble pox
  • NPC Immersion – Mods such as Immersive Citizens or Vampires Suck can go here
  • Gameplay Mechanics/Combat mods – such as Fatality
  • Interior Lighting Mods such as ELFX, ele or Divine Interiors
  • Area Edits Single – such as Divine Alchemy which only has 1 building placement. You place this down here because it has a single navmesh edit for the door
  • Are edits Multiple: Such as Divine Cities, Arthmoor’s Dawnstar, MCOW etc
  • Animal & NPC Placement Mods – ones that add more around Skyrim
  • Quest  mods with area edits and NPC additions: Such as Inigo, M’rissi
  • Map Mods such as Quality World Map and any patches to go with it – other mods that edit the roads will not be seen by the map so this is a safe place to put it.
  • Specific mods that require the lowest possible order due to specific zone edits or special fixes in the game such as colour patches remover

What about leveled lists?!!!

You should only have ONE type of loot modification mod and ONE type of creature level/delevel mod. More than that and you’re just being silly. Because X1 users have zero way to Bash their mods together, a leveled list will overwrite another. Don’t use two mods that adds new items unless it has self contained script to inject new items or has a pure crafting menu. Mods such as WiC does it right because you get to craft all the items and there are ZERO conflicts. Note: If you have a mod that does both, but you like another mod that’s a standalone loot OR creature mod, place that standalone under the other and it -should- work.

But I’m still crashing D:

You have a dirty mod or you aren’t reading the description properly. If 2 of your mods both edit Belethor’s Goods, don’t load both of them, pick the one you like most and use it. Try the next one on another playthrough. The point is YOU are responsible for your playtime. So pick what really interests you and go for it.

What’s a navmesh???

Navigational Meshing, or ‘navmesh’, is a series of linking triangles in game that allows NPCs to know where to path, or walk. Navmeshes cannot have any errors, cannot be deleted or it will cause major problems. This is true for editing vanilla navmesh OR handcreated navmesh for new zones or interior cells.

But um..what about PC users…?!

PC users place their mods just like above. There’s no difference in  how the game loads mods and in what order.

Proper Load Order Help Lists for X1 Users:

Please copy The Logical Load Order into your own google drive and edit appropriately. We can help you polish your Load Order when you are finished.

Proper Removal and Updating of X1 Mods:

Removal should always to be followed by a hard reset, installation / updates should be ok with a simple exit to dashboard, but hard reseting, or at least restarting the X1, is the foolproof method for all mods and X1 models. Do not remove mods mid-save. Do not add mods midsave. The *only* mods that are okay are PURE mesh/texture mods. Mesh and texture mods that edit anything inside the ESP cannot be removed mid play. Please consult the mod’s description page.

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