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As you know we are limited by space on the console. I have poured my heart and precious time into creating a comprehensive texture overhaul that shouldn’t break too much of your allotted space. There are always going to be minor issues in the game. You do not need to report to me every minor detail. Do yourself the biggest favour and relax and enjoy the game rather than worrying about if Bethesda did something funky to the world that we mod authors are always trying to mend.

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Whiterun Drawbridge – This mesh is 3,052 kb which xlates into 3mb. That’s right- it’s bigger than Fatality. The latest update from Brumbek seems to have made the chain slack a bit more pronounced. I did my best into reshaping it, but if I had my way I wouldn’t worry about 1 mesh. However, I know people really love the chains so I kept it in. Happy birthday

Whiterun Dragonsreach Dragon Trap – This is not included because it’s 1 event in 1 place and the mesh is about 4mb. I save you space. You’re welcome!

Helgen Chains- Most of us use Alt Start or we visit Helgen just the opening scene so those are not included. (Just use alternate start like the badass you are).


The reach has a LOT of inconsistency issues from Bethesda themselves. While I’ve fixed what I could, please report their issues to them. In the meantime, enjoy some gorgeous moss covers and beautiful cliffs :)

The Rift has a major issue with using mine dirt textures in the landscape. I did my best to fix it and most of the areas left aren’t areas we generally occupy so your eyes should be okay for the momentary blurbs of bethesda’s “features” (we like ‘features’ right?)


LOD – or Level of Detail – this could be generated at an EXTREMELY large size, as such when you are super far away on a super clear day, certain buildings might look “out of place.” Unless a 200+mb file is absolutely necessary (it’s not) I see no reason to create one and cause even more tax on XB space. TAXES ARE TOO DAMN HIGH.

“Markarth is a mix of several different locations and notably uses whatever mountain texture you’re using. Each stone area, such as where the mine is, has about 4 different texture overlays on them. Yeah it’s a lot. I did what I could to fix it, but there are a couple areas that use a texture called MrkMtnSlab03 that will stick out as mildly odd. I did everything I could to find and fix those, but a couple meshes look poor no matter what (Damn you Bethesda!) Don’t stare at it and don’t take screenshots near them :P

Note that the square tops on bridges are fubar – no matter how much tweaking any mod author does, those things are bad :( I apologise on behalf of Bethesda

Furthermore, Understone Keep is based on the Dwemer Dungeon texture set you have.

I did what I could and considering that a basic Markarth texture overhaul is over 250mb… I did a good something and by good something that was give you as much “”bang for your buck.”” Does anyone know why we use that saying??”

Windhelm has some funky puddles going on- trust me I know. For now they’re mildly better than vanilla and once I can find which groundcover I want, they’ll be changed. Most of you will be too busy exploring Whiterun to notice for a bit ;)

Solitude is huge and has SO MUCH STONE and little textures… and the bridge was a real pain. I remapped the UVs and we finally decided on applying a new texture set to it. It still has stretch to it but it’s by far better than what it was. I mean, how often are you staring at a bridge anyway? Don’t you have bandits to plunder?!

Whiterun Dragsonreach mini-bridge. This has 1 texture on it… I’m decided not to waste space with adding it. Don’t look down… or don’t look away if a mannequin is stalking you.


The forts have the most hideous exterior rubble piles ever created. While I have done everything I could to hide the atrocity of the meshes, two of them look downright pukey. At some point I will be hiding these in a fort makeover, but for now start singing “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” and back away from them. The rest of the forts are gorgeous :D

Nordic Ruins Exterior rubble sometimes have 2 different textures applied and can look awkward on a few pieces. Rather than waste 5mb of space for a few small pieces, I chose to keep them out so you could be free to add something fun. Like potions :D

Cave Cliffs – these are from the SMIM series and are subject to Brumbek’s vision, so they have more dangly roots than the ones outside. We like dangly right?

Green Cave Walls- there is 1 or 2 textures that are “transition” textures that I chose not to include to save space which means a couple areas now and then are vanilla. I know it’s a tad unsightly BUT the rest is gorgeous!

Cave Boulders are hideous but we hid them as best we could. We had to apply a new texture set so they wouldn’t be a blurry mess. Sometimes when I use the word “blurry” I think of “flurry” and I want to go to Dairy Queen.


| ArchitectureSMIM Addon | Landscapes | Mountains and Snow | Traditional Dungeons| Fantasy Dungeons | Compatibility | Credits | Extras

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