Divine Cities Compatibility Information

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This page will provide information to what is compatible with DC. Rule of thumb: if it edits a city with any type of building that requires a door – never compatible. Edits of navmesh is never compatible. Adding extra items will cause NPC behaviour conflicts and other instability issues.


Compatible Mods Overwrite Information
Arthmoor’s Village mods 100% compatible and no overwrites
Granite Hill by John Rose No issues and recommended to use
Architecture City Texture Mods Compatible. DC does not contain architecture textures so go download something to make the buildings look pretty.
Unique Bridges of Skyrim Well I made it…so it works fine


Partially Compatible Mods Overwrite Information
Populated Towns Can cause stutters or instability because of so many NPCs, but otherwise it’s fine. If you crash at all, remove
Sounds of Skyrim – Civilization Is compatible but also very loud and I don’t have control over it
Claralux Mostly compatible but requires tinkering
Lanterns by mannyGT Mostly compatible but some overlaps take over
Incompatible Mods Overwrite Information
M Rens Whiterun, Markarth, etc Uses similar reference points and causes overwrites and overlaps that causes instability
Kato’s Mods ALL OF THEM. Except the texture pack Besides the fact the mod needs to be cleaned, too much potential for overwrite and conflicting issues
Immersive Citizens Not compatible and not recommended – far too many issues to list
Bells of Skyrim I need to wait for Bells to be properly updated with good navmeshes so I can create a patch. Will not work in Solitude, either, since I have a building that overwrites.
More Tavern Idles Redundant mod
Lampposts of Skyrim Do not use – contains dirty edits. See Addons for more info
Bridges of Skyrim Do not use – contains dirty edits. See Addons for more info
ELFX exteriors Tries to take over the special lighting I have inside the cities. Use with extreme caution
Open Cities Needs a patch and I add too much stuff to do that to console users
Whitewater Farm Overlapping buildings in Riverwood
Eir’s Rest Overlapping buildings in Riverwood
Trees in Cities Don’t. Stop. Please (Willy Wonka voice…).
Better City Entrances Overlaps and teleport triangles will cause bad navmeshing
Graphic Packs Enhanced Overlapping edits to Whiterun causes crashing
Gardens of Whiterun Wild edits and WR has enough flowers since XXXX release
Project Hippie Adds way too many things and will cause stutters and crashes
Hidden Hideouts City Version This goes without saying, really
Mods that add “trap doors” DO NOT USE

Main | City Homes | Addons |CompatibilityPatch Notes | Credits and Thank Yous


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