Import Mod List

These are mods I have imported by request and reflect proper changes when posting to Bethesda from Nexus. The only changes I make are basic bug fixes to work properly, all work is credited to the original authors.



  • M’rissi’s Tails of Trouble 100% crash free. If you can’t find her, you need to turn around three times while saying Bloody Talos on each spin
  • Sylvannas – This is the last female follower I’m doing. Also BElf  Version




  • Sea of Spirits – imported by request, this mod adds sea creatures to Tamriel






  • Raven Castle  this Castle has its own world space.
  • White River Cottage– unique and fun this player home offers much
  • Sanctum – not your average player home but room for so much exploration and wonder






  • Mutiple Floors Sandboxing – This increases awareness for NPCs to move about more IF their package allows it
  • Decorator Assistant – a weaker version of placeable statics, brought here by request
  • No More Lazy Jarls – made by request, the Jarls sit properly on their thrones
  • Show Me Your Ammy – made by request it unticks the amulet spot on armours, may or may not work with all replacers


Mods under TarshImports 

  • Witch of the Wilds – Standalone crafted gear for all your witchy needs – runes should be fixed, offers some colours for the cloth and leather.
  • Kaw Claws-Fingernails for all you purty ladies

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