My Creations

These are mods I have created with program or mod resources.

Self-Contained Overhaul:

  • The Floating Market  – This is my babby and I’m pleased to present an xbox1 version for you to enjoy.
  • Fatality– the most comprehensive and immersive combat experience- created and designed with Vader
  • Divine Atmosphere Aetherius– An immersive atmosphere mod-  more than weather, it’s an experience!
  • Divine Interiors – A new way to shine light inside Skyrim’s structures
  • Divine Interiors: Darkness Edition- A new way to shine light and dark inside Skyrim’s structures
  • Divine Cities – A specially made overhaul to all the  major cities/villages of Skyrim. This includes new merchants, shops, player homes that you can move spouses/children into, outhouses, extra flora and fauna. Compatible with the settlement mods by Arthmoor
  • Divine Cities – Travel by Boat– Get around your Divine Cities by way of boat
  • Divine Cities: Villages– more villages, more quests, more divinity
  • Divine Cities: Lanterns – Now with lighting everywhere that won’t be bad
  • Divine Cities: Forests – You get trees, critters, animals, bugs…AND extra trees. Have fun

Mesh and Texture Overhauls



  • Cats in Skyrim – a new way to have cats!
  • Dogs of Skyrim – a re-imagined dog mod – they look like real doggos and puppers! The latest version includes a wicked fun adventure? Are you prepared?



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