Hopefully(!) Clean Load Orders

We are in the process of compiling a list of load orders that have proven to be generally crash free through at least the completion of the Dragon Rising quest.  This is our target due to the frequency of reported crashes in Whiterun and Dragonsreach.  By the time you complete Dragon Rising you will have been in and out of both areas multiple times.

Understand there are certain limitations to this process, as noted in the ReadMe on the first tab of the document.  Fundamentally, due to potentially variable performance between platforms, Load Orders are only confirmed for the platform on which they were tested.  Moreover, these LO’s were captured at a point in time — this means that if mods listed in the load order have been updated after the tested play-through there can be no guarantee of continued stability.

This is an ongoing process with the expectation of additional posted LO’s as they are available.  If you would like to share your conflict free LO, contact me on the discord.

Google LO Link

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