Divine Cities Patch Notes

Release Fáilte XLIX

Welcome back to Divine Cities! This patch introduces new linked storage and crafting. Read on!

Divine Cities now features linked storage in *most* player homes. Some exclusions apply based on location/space available. Every chest will now take your items and store them alphabetically; once you are at a crafting station inside your home OR in the general city, you will have auto access to your storage. That means you can dump your items and go to the crafting station nearby and not have to tote stuff back and forth. This will alleviate backpack limitations.

Rorikstead – Now has a Workshop for trading and creating items. Opens at 8 am

Linked Storage Homes

Windcreek Cottage (Whiterun) – All storage inside the cottage is now linked to the basement. If you are outside in WR and forgot to craft something, Farengar’s Enchanting Font, Arcadia’s Cauldron and the Warmaiden’s workstations will access your storage units. Storage units are now unlinked to the purchasing of the home upgrades so that you can have storage if you are short on cash. Note that the satch floats on purpose. I dn’t want to change the container and have you lose items when updating. Once you buy the alchemy station it will look normal

House Varlund (Windhelm) – Now has a proper enchanting station and alchemy lab as befitting an estate. There is a linked storage cabinet that will work outside at the crafting area near the market

Sunforge Retreat (Markarth) – Linked chests are active in the hidden Dwemer crafting room

Lokir Homestead (Rorikstead) The kitchen activator cooking will require your food on you, but the cookpot is linked to your food stores. The new Rorikstead Workshop is linked to the new Crafting Storage unit in your home, which will store all crafting materials plus soul gems. The Alchemy lab is linked to the satchel on the desk

The Hidden Springs Grotto (Riften) is self contained inside and outside with linked storage into the Ship itself

Riverside Cabin (Riverwood) has unhidden storage now which is linked to Alvor’s stations, however the alchemy and enchanting lab are linked but locked until purchase

Snowleaf Cottage (Dawnstar) Now has linked storage- a crafting storage chest is in the hidden basement and links to the Dawnstar Crafting Center

Murkfrost Gardens – Is fully linked except the hand-made mortal and pestle activator. You can use the crafting storage there which links to the Morthal Blacksmith’s Crafting Center

The Hidden Lair (Falkreath) now has linked storage for the alchemy and enchanting lab inside. Crafting storage is now linked to the Falkreath workshop stations

Coldwind Cottage (Winterhold) has fully linked storage and some new decorations. The inside craftin storage chest now links to the Winterhold Metalworks Crafting Center

Calbridge Estate (Solitude) has fully linked alchemy, enchanting and cooking storage. There is a crafting storage in the armoury that links to the Solitude blacksmith workstation area

Just to reiterate – Other homes that have custom activators will not have linked storage due to restrictions of the CK. I wanted to allow people to bake or mash up flowers without putting in giant stations so this will have to suffice until I find a work around

Happy Gaming 🙂

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