Mods Being Worked On

Mods Being Worked On –

While I am still on vacation and keeping my head into having fun, I had to get out a few words before I’m ‘back.’ A lot of people come to me with dozens of ideas and often they are told “already working on it.” Last October when Vader and I started working on Fatality I saw the value in over-testing to make sure releases were perfect- which is why some of these upcoming releases are slow. The less I have to update, the better we all are.

Loot and Enemy Overhauls 

The loot overhaul that Vader and I have been working on for the last few months will be so comprehensive yet so logical you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. Overhauls with loot, vendor and animal lists because why are wolves giving you rubies??? And WHY the hell is Alvor, a blacksmith in podunk Riverwood, carrying enchanted gear? Enchantments should be rare, Daedric items should be obscene and glass should be special. Not to mention food and cooking overhauls will be included. Bonus: your armour and weapons will degrade and force you to have them repaired or you can repair them if your blacksmithing level is high enough.

You aren’t special. So you’re a Dragonborn, so what? Does that mean that enemies are stagnent? Maybe you meet a level 1 at level 32? Maybe in real life a master level ninja meets a novice. You just never know. So our way of handling the enemies will be giving them new and unique names where you don’t *always* know their level. You will always be kept on your toes – sometimes they will be powerful, sometimes weak. Just as it should be

Revamps and Updates:

Divine Interiors is getting a reboot. I’m not pleased with losing my ESP in the Great Steam Crash so I’ve spent my off hours recreating my lighting mod. It will be smaller than before and it will be ten times better than before. I hope you’ll be pleased

Divine Cities and Villages – isn’t complete yet. I love this mod too much to let it grow stangnent. A settlements addon is being created to take care of all the smaller villages for an all in one.

Forests – I am in the process of creating a special Divine Forests as a DC addon only. The other one will be standalone, but the new one will feature the same groves plus unique trees and flowers so I can add even better flora and fauna to my cities and villages. Size estimate: 40mb

Decorations – A special addon for Cities will include an interior revamp to all shops and homes. There will be two separate modules- one that includes my lighting mod and one that will be geared for ELFX users with a patch. Size estimate: 50 mb. This will include unique paintings, tapestries, children’s toys, and statues

Dark Ages – Will be getting two more mountain colours to chose from and a food module to complete the series. Furthermore, I just got word I can use a special Winterhold College retexture so expect Dark Ages: Castles to be released soon. This will include High Hrothgar, Winterhold College, Dawnguard and Caslte Volibear. Food size estimate: 20mb. Caslte Estimate: 40mb

Divine Atmosphere- I’ve never known another hobby to have so much vitriol spewed at the creator. All of the commentary over the last week for the new snowflakes have been absolute trash- hurling insults at me in hopes someone gets their way. However, because two kind souls were polite, I will have a patch to revert the textures to base game. DAA will also be getting a water revamp, calming the waters around Riften that include a new cubemap from the BillyRo collection

Ranger’s Call II – Ranger’s Call is getting a massive overhaul which will include Scoped Bows (since it is open permission). The quiver textures will be a separate addon in case people are short on space. The new RC that includes scoped bows is an estimate size of 50mb. The original Scoped Bows mod had uncompressed textures and a lot of the lenses were at 2k size- which isn’t necessary for XB so I’ve toned them down to reserve space.

New  Features

  • Ranger’s Call Crafting Station: This is a new power that will allow you to craft new arrows and bows. I wanted to place special crafting stations around the world, but the required patching for it reached 7… no thanks. I have better things to do. So instead you get a new power – similar to how Hunterborn works.
  • Arrows are still crafted into Force or Swift, however, bows are updated into Scoped Bows which does about 1% more damage or has increased speed depending on the bow. After testing I may look into creating various upgrades. Bows must be tempered by blacksmiths to increase their damage – if I had to create every new recipe to do this myself I’d never have time for anything else and I feel it would bloat the mod too much with so many recipes. I’d rather keep it elegant for my fellow console users.
  • Daedric and Ebony scoped bows will have a chance to pin enemies on critical strikes.
  • Daedric Bows can only be crafted in the Soul Cairn so there is a special spell to teleport you there when you want to craft them and a way to teleport back out. I could not find another logical way of being able to get back inside unless I wanted to be a vampire lord. I do not wish to sparkle, so I made a spell. Note: you will not be able to bring your followers with you, so make them wait
  • All bow and arrow recipes have been revamped (recipe requirements will be posted on release day) . Arrows are crafted at your Ranger’s Station along with upgradeable and special bows, such as Dravin’s. Most other bows are still craftable at the forge. Again, this info will be posted on release date (we are still in testing phase). Higher level bows will require not just blacksmithing, but also Marksmen levels. That said, only the Huntsman will be upgradeable by anyone so warriors and mages don’t feel left out of a powerful bow.

And much much more…

See you all in a few days!

3 thoughts on “Mods Being Worked On”

  1. A repair feature for weapons and armor? That’s a feature I’ve sorely missed since I played FO3. Thanks for the update(s)!


  2. Hi Tarshana.

    Thank you for making a patch for the DAA. I am a big fan of that mod, it is so very nice. Recently I had to switch back to Vivid Weathers because of the new snowflakes. Thank you so very much for making a patch. P.s. Can’t wait the other updates too. I hope you are having a blast where ever you are:)


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