X Users – Rejoice! Salvation is Near!

A few weeks ago one of my Discordians, Iceman, mentioned a special Microsoft program he’s part of. Microsoft finally pulled their heads out of their arses and realised they didn’t offer “optimised” 4k “patches” for certain games. To be even more infuriating, the Skyrim 4k “patch” was mandatory, so users couldn’t turn it off. After a few days of testing using all sorts of combos – Whiterun DR and Jorvaskr is finally not crashing. I have no ETA on when Microsoft will roll out the update for X, but I’m sure you’ll know when you turn it on and you get a meessage.

Hope is on the horizon!

2 thoughts on “X Users – Rejoice! Salvation is Near!”

  1. Good to know! Maybe it will force them to fix some other issues we x one users have too and who knows one day MS may also realize that x one users need more mod space too. I know, doubtful, but here’s to hoping I can use more of your mods together and not have to try and pick favorites only. The more you release the more my *must have* list is growing 😉


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