Divine People November Update

The original mod of Suzy’s has been appropriately updated to share the following notes. Remember: the only difference between Original and Celestial is that Celestial has Imperious by Enai bundled into it. Please note, the original DPOS’ file name has Suzy affixed to it. This helps with orginisation.

Changes include:

  • New Children- they are unique and look like their parents
  • New Eyes and updated Meshes
  • Followers are unique and have their own abilities
  • “Classes” for NPCs have been updated to properly allocate points for leveling
  • Women now have 2 freckle choices and men have 1
  • New tattoos are included – all races have more tattoos opened up and brand new, never before seen styles

– Followers –


Reading this grants you +5 sex appeal


All listed followers in game have been appropriately updated with spells, perks and the ability to actually fight with you. Bethesda was lazy and had almost no perks or spells on Housecarls or Hirelings, making them no better than fodder. Of course, this wasn’t a big deal since the game is easy, but it’s not remotely immersive or interesting seeming that if you are a sword for hire, you should know some basic freakin skills. Furthermore, their Combat Styles are now appropriate for their type of play. Anyone listed as a ranger will now stay ranged and shoot bows, mages will cast magic more often, warriors can dual wield, etc. Their classes are now appropriately weighted so as they level up, they gain the right points into the right trees. In other words- Followers, Hirelings and Housecarls are smarter and better fighting partners. All level caps have been removed so that your followers will always be the right level. While the “light foot” perk is meant not to give off trap alarms, unless the NPC also has 40 actor value points in sneak, the perk will not activate. Muffled movement and other perks have been given to compensate and I would suggest using Sexy Follower Overhaul to help the trap issue. Or just have them wait somewhere for a few seconds to disable the trap yourself.

I know this is a lot to read but keep reading okay? I have some valuable information to understand how NPCs work and how I have changed them

Inside the CK are two values in their given Class that the PC doesn’t worry about. As you know, when you use a one handed weapon, after so many swings/connects you earn Actor Value Points in that specific tree. Afters so many points you earn a Perk which is a bonus to the fact you’ve been using that tree. During this time you also earn enough Experience Points to level up and distribute those points. You control that on yourself. The game controls what NPCs do. These weights are governed by the Class. Classes given by Bethesda fall short of what is appropriate for NPCs, especially followers.

Perks like Smithing, Alchemy and Pickpocket are wasted because NPCs don’t actively use anything from that tree. Since this IS an NPC enhancing mod, I have altered all the base game system to remove useless point distribution and allocated them to more useful slots. As I previously stated, “light foot” is useless without actor value points into the sneak tree, so every class has the ability to allocate at least one point into sneak which should be helpful.  NPCs get 16 Skill Weights. (The base game is 8). I have spent the last few months quietly testing and tuning the points for followers and enemy NPCs to strike a balance. These weights will NOT affect the toughness of the game or interfere with combat mods. This is by far more of a patch to the vanilla framework to keep it in line with what the game actually does at run time.

Whew! We are done with learning! With all that info, blink your eyes, stretch and drink a glass of water. The next part goes into all the nitty gritty details of how followers found in Skyrim are now better. Ready? Okay on your mark……. get set……….read!

SFO Note: For those of you sexy people using the Sexy Follower Overhaul, these values are the same so no worries there :)

CoW Followers:

Brelyna – has conjure familiar and atronach spells, healing, fire spells and some wards. However, in her inventory she had a staff which prevented her from equipping and using the spells regularly. The staff has been changed into a dagger and all her spells are now left handed, allowing her to cast until mana drained. She also has the proper destruction and conjuration perks so as she levels up, she’ll be appropriately armed. And if you do want her only using a staff, you’re more than welcome to shove one back into her inventory. (Sometimes she’ll actually wait to use it….)

J’zargo had almost no left handed spells, leaving his list of 12 available spells relegated to just four being used. He now has his full stock on hand with a mix of destruction and restoration spells.  Perks include augment flames and the restoration tree bonuses, which allows him to be a “destroation” mage. (What?! That’s a thing!) Based on his given spells he is given the robe of Destruction instead of Conjuration because..well that makes more sense.

Onmund had a couple nice spells, but ultimately fell flat when tested past level 35. Nords aren’t the most magic savvy and he gets really annoyed if you interrupt his learning which leads me to believe he really freakin cares about being a mage and probably has to work harder than most others to be trained. He also mentions that growing up was difficult so he’s probably always had an affinity with magic. So I’ve made him more adept with his spells and given him actual perks to use them. He was given a Destruction robe because having an Alteration robe made no sense. He really loves casting lightning based spells. (when I was working on him, I listened to TLC’s Shock that Monkey which was such a blast from the past. I bet Doc remembers that song…).


It really bothers me that Eorlund only has a heavy armour gear set for Companions. The Companions are warriors, but some are better suited for light armour. As such, when you are at the Skyforge and are a member of the Companions, you can craft a light Wolf Armour set. This does not interfere with any armour overhauls because I don’t touch the actual values of the armour itself, just that it’s duplicated into a light version. So whatever model you have in game, so will you in light armour. If light armour is immersion breaking for you, don’t freakin craft it. Easy.

Aela the Huntress  speaks of how she hunted in the woods, so she’s good with a bow, but her lack of perks is surprising. She’s been given a full set of archery related perks. I’m also not sure about her given armour.. she’s so proud to be a Companion like every other women in her family but wears some dead Draugr gear?! what!! So she’s been given a companions outfit with a helm in her inventory should you want her to wear a helm. She’s also fitted with juggernaut and agile defender depending which gear set you give her later on.

Athis  is supposed to be a one handed weapon trainer yet has no perks for himself. Can I get an eyeroll please? So now he has the proper one handed perks and seeing as he prefers a lighter armour set, has been given light armour perks as well.

Farkas might not have brains, but he has brawn. So why is it he has no perks?! He’s a barbarian, not a village idiot. So he’s been given two handed weapon perks with heavy armour skills and a set of Wolf Armour. He DOES train in heavy armour, so I’m guessing he knows how to wear it! As we all know, once you get higher into the circle you can craft a set of Skyforge weapons so he has one. You know, because he’s a Companion.

Njada Stonearm is a block trainer so I’m guessing she knows how to use a shield. As such, she’s more of a tanky warrior, able to deflect attacks against herself and whoever she’s following. She’s been given the proper armour, a Steel Blade, Helm and Shield in her inventory.

Ria is new and eager to prove herself. She doesn’t have her Wolf Armour yet, but seems adept at one handed weapons. So she’s a dual wielding warrior with a penchant for light armour since nothing was given to her and it seems like a fun way to have a companion follower. And literally nothing about her is said on this so I’ve taken creative license. As such her class weights are swapped from the Bethesda given Combat to a custom which is now a mix of heavy and light so she won’t fall on the wayside if you decide to plop her into heavy armour.

Torvar is a drunk and has some major ego issues. He can’t seem to stand the fact that someone might outrank him sooner than he can rise in the ranks himself. In any case, he is a potential marriage candidate so I’ve made him respectable in appearance, and as a follower he’s been given tank n spank perks and abilities. He’s been given some steel armour for tank n spank.

Vilkas is much like his twin in that he prefers two handed weapons. In fact, he’ll even train you in two handed weapons! As such he’s been outfitted to use two handed weapons…because that’s what he does. You can give him any type of two handed weapon and he’ll use them with ease. If you give him a bow he’ll give you a dirty look.

Dark Brotherhood –

Cicero is listed as an assassin with  no perks. No one knows why. Perhaps he’s been hiding them in his jester’s hat?? In any case, he now has proper assassin perks and loves using two handed weapons to stabbity stab or hackety slash. He’s also proficient with lock picking because I gave him the right class, however, depending on your level depends on his perk allocation and if he can pick the lock or not.

Initiates 1 and 2 are untouched

Dawnguard Followers

Agmaer  is encountered in Dayspring Canyon. He was once blind and now…wait, wrong paper. There we are; he was once a bandit and now wants to fight vampires. He’s been given one handed abilities and will sword n board if you hand him a shield. I also gave him some light armour because why is he a bandit in farm clothes? -_-

Beleval is a Bosmer who’s found once you arrive at Fort Dawnguard. She’s a Bosmer .. BOSMER. This means she’s going to be proficient with bows and I’m not sure why she was given heavy armour :/ It’s difficult to wind up a perfect shot when you’re weighed down. So she’s been given the right perks and a light armour set to go along with that crossbow she digs so much.

Celann feels like a jack of all trades. At Fort Dawnguard you learn why he’s there along with the leader Isran. He has a couple spells and a one handed weapon so I’ve made him into a spellsword. He’ll attack with spells and one handed weapons with equal gusto. He also has a torch he loves to wave around randomly so I suggest snagging that off him before he gives away your location. (seriously he whips it out at the most awkward of times!)

Durak is untouched

Ingjard is interesting to say the least. She’s a Nord warrior who can be your Steward. I wanted to make sure she was properly clothed to reflect all of this and debated on how to actually outfit her because she barely speaks. Since she was given a two handed weapon, she’s got the right two handed perks for that, but she’s also wearing light armour which tells me she expects to bash someone’s skull in before getting hit. So she has some light armour perks, too.

Serana is one of the unique followers in Skyrim in that she won’t simply bend over and let you marry her. She had a life without you for 400 years and you are a means to an end. That’s all. However, I believe she can take care of herself and as such has been given a blend of magic and one handed weapon  perks based on her vanilla given traits. She doesn’t want to be cured BUT if you can talk her into it, her eyes become green- as such her vampire given eyes with DPOS are green in nature. While she was modeled after Selene from Underworld, I felt green eyes were more appropriate for her. based on her human appearance. Also, she won’t don her hood outdoors- this was requested by over 75 requests from my websits so I’ll honour that. You can place any type of Serana mod under this one to overwrite the appearance I gave her, but please note if the mod didn’t include facegen, not even I can fix that. Don’t freakin write me about how you think she should cook you meals.

Dragonborn Followers

Frea is a temporary follower with fantastic Nord warrior abilities. Her perks and skills finally reflect this

Talvas is not touched

Teldryn is an interesting character and fun to work with. I’ve updated his combat style to reflect his nature and his helm is in his inventory so it can be taken off if not fighting. He can dual wield and is given the right perks for it. If you use Undriel’s Teldryn Serious, place that mod into NPCs added with Quests so that her changes take over DPOS.

Ralis Sedarys is not touched

Dungeon Followers:

Golldir – He hangs around Hillgrund’s Tomb with a quest for you. Once finished he’s even a potential recruit for another faction so I wanted to make him a well rounded and typical Nord warrior. He can dual wield or use two handed weapons but prefers heavy armour. I also made him attractive and you can marry him and make him cook you meals. I mean, it’s the least he can do after helping him right??

Illia is a mage you find in Darklight Tower. I personally thought her quest was awesome. And I made her a knockout with the new tattoos I added to DPOS. If you finish her quest you can ask her to marry you. A sort of atypical rescue the princess stories. Skyrim should have at least one! In any case, she’s a destruction mage specialising in ice spells and wards. She’s been given the right left handed spells along with dual casting perks so she stays safe.

Hirelings –

Since you’re paying for their skills, they are highly specialised based on what their dialogue is and basic given spells/abilities.

Belrand has to be the most strangest hireling ever in a game. He was given long stringy hair and iron fitted gear and a couple random spells with perks that didn’t match. It’s as though someone smacked the random branch into Chunk and expected a capable hireling.  But I won’t question his odd behaviours and neither should you. However, I did drag him down to the face sculpter and gave him magic hair tonic so while he’s still rough around the edges, it’s in a more pleasing way. Anyway, he’s a hired Spellsword and now his perks and spells reflect that.

Erik the Slayer is able to fight with you after you convince his father it’s okay. I can’t even begin to fathom a Nord father who’s scared of his son fighting so you can tell something is totally wrong with Rorikstead over all. Anyway, he was given the Barbarian class but since you have to buy him and equip him with armour, he doesn’t really do much at the start. His father must have taught him something so as a hireling he will use one handed or two handed weapons and be decent with light armour. Why light? Because he’s been stuck in the fields all day- he hasn’t had time to train in heavy! Someone asked for him to be a marriage candidate because I made him “a red headed hottie” so feel free to snag him up and feast upon the eye candy that I’ve apparently created.

Jenassa is a Dunmer Ranger who hangs around the Drunken Huntsman like all the time. This makes me sad. I’ve given her a package to wander around outside during the day and take in the fresh air. She’s a fighter, she wouldn’t waste her time being stuck indoors all day. As it is, she’s a ranger so her perks and class are all ranger based.

Marcurio is a mage and a potential everything so he’s been updated to reflect that. He’s a lot more handsome and has way better perks. I guess he’s offering services for hire because he needs to save up for a home, in any case, he’ll joyfully blast enemies at your side.

Stenvar is the hottie of Windhelm, wielding a giant two handed weapon. You know what they say about men with giant two handers… they are um, good at decapitating enemies. So that’s what he does.  Enjoy his new perk set to reflect the fact you’re paying for those two handed abilities and he’ll totally marry you if you ask him. I can’t vouch for his cooking, though.

Vorstag announces himself as having a sword-arm you can purchase. This means he’s a warrior and more than that, he can be a damage soaking warrior, so I’ve given him the appropriate gear, perks and skills for it. His face has been updated, but his warpaint remains.

Housecarls –

Housecarls are meant to be protectors, as such they are given more protection based abilities and skills. While they can use other weapons of choice, their training and pay is based on them soaking up damage, not standing in the backline with their finger up their nose. Housecarls are given perks for One Handed Weapons, Shield, Heavy and Light Armour so that you can play with what fits best. Please note they will prefer their shield unless you take it off their hands.Therefore, I am not going to list all of their individual names here. The only exception is Rayya who was deemed by the game to be a dual wielding warrior.

Orc Stronghold Followers

Borkagh the Steel Heart loves being an archer and um wearing heavy armour? Well that seems silly, however, Orcs are proud of their armour making skills, so maybe not so far of a stretch. As such she’s been given heavy armour and archery perks to reflect who she is.

Ghorbash the Iron Hand is not afraid of using different types of weapons. He prefers a bow, but will also use one handed weapons, or soak up damage with shields. As such he has perks for one handed weapons, archery and heavy armour

Lob was given the Ranger class in the CK so I’m going to assume that’s what he was meant for and as such has been given the Ranger class, perks and combat style

Ogol is your typical two handed savage warrior beast ready to fight. Something apparently glitched the first time around and stuck him in plain clothing. Don’t worry, he outfitted himself in real armour

Ugor is another Orcish oddity being given a random set of skills that led nowhere. I’ve made her into a profficent Orcish warrior with the right perks and armour set.

Misc Followers:

Since I’m sure your eyes are bleeding by now, I’ll make the next two sections shorter, giving you the most pertinent of information.

Adelaisa Vendicci – Heavy armour, tank n spank, enjoys pina coladas

Ahtar – a two handed barbarian with a penchant for puppies and decapitating enemies of the state

Annekk Crag-Jumper – loves her bow and being a ranger, getting caught in the rain and apparently jumping crags. I mean, who doesn’t?

Benor – loves picking fights, picking his nose and using two handed weapons. He’s a barbarin with class. Mostly

Cosnach – drunken lout but able to use both one and two handed weapons proficiently. Keep him away from your ale stash

Derkeethus – can use bows or daggers with deadly accuracy and enjoys soaking up the water when not in the mines. You should watch him swim, too….

Eola – there’s no accounting for taste with this one. She prefers wielding magic in leather. She’s a naughty one

Erandur – enjoys magic, maces and changing his name. Underneath that hood is a sexy mage just waiting to be unleashed.

Faendal has no use for being a follower. He has to watch over Camilla, after all.

Kharjo will reluctantly follow you even though he’s supposed to guard the caravans. He has no problems being a good warrior to soak up the damages. You might be able to sweet talk him into shenanigans with some Moon Sugar…

Mjoll the Lioness – woman barbarian and fierce warrior, enjoys bashing in the skulls of her enemies and eating honey flavoured snacks after bathing in their blood

Sven – is a panty waist and it would behoove you to ignore him and not use him as a follower. However, if you chose to do this despite my warnings, he can at least shoot arrows. Usually. Until he gets distracted and has to sing to his reflection in the mirror

Uthgerd the Unbroken – this cougar can keep up with any other barbarian out there with heavy armour and two handed weapons. Rawr baby

Creatures – follower creatures such as dogs or hired huskies are untouched

Quest Followers –

SO MANY TO LIST! How are your eyes? Well my fingers are about broken so what I can tell you is that any quest follower I’ve actually touched to update their faces will also have the right perks/abilities given based on their lore/quest/dialogue. It’s exhaustive. This mod is exhaustive. And you’re divine for actually using it.

Now that that’s over, let’s move on to the other patch notes!


Eyes have been vastly improved. My Spawn noticed the eye meshes themselves were an issue so we had to crack open our 3DS Max 2012 version which crashed my laptop and she laughed and said she had some from open parts on Nexus. Derp. So using Ran’s Eyefix, the Eye Glitch Fix by bellwood2206 and looking at the invisibility eyes mesh fix by HHaley, we were able to finagle some fine looking peepers and properly adjust the eyelashes. These are my own edits, but those two paved the way.  One thing to note, we have NOT extended the eyelashes at ALL. What you are seeing are actual vanilla meshes with some minor fixes and the lashes themselves were supposed to be as long as you will see them in game. It’s a bit of a change but unless you use a fly cam to sniff people’s eyeballs, you’ll get used to it after a few minutes and then wonder why you never noticed how bad they were before.

Textures are updated in order to fit the meshes. Due to the mesh fix, the bold colours my Spawn chose so that they would show on console were too much. We also took the liberty of overwriting the “blood shot” textures into more colours and variations. It’s extremely difficult to notice bloodshot eyeballs on such a large screen so we opted for more colours. If you chose to overwrite with your eye replacer mod, you will not see the new colours. The choice is yours :)


Most races only had 2 generic tattoos/warpaints given to them and High Elf males had only basic warpaints. Now most races have more unlocked and some brand new ones. I had to balance between bloat and options so some colours or options are not available all of the time, but with these changes there are 525,650 EXTRA creation choices giving you a total of 2,345,556 unique looks with my edits.


Elves have been vastly improved. I wasn’t sure I could improve them but I proved myself wrong. Their jaws now move forward and back. Previously I had gotten my lip and jaw slider mixed up, so I had to fix it.


While I was fiddling with the files for adults, I noticed that children have their own files, too. I adjusted some sliders and was able to create new children. I found some children hair meshes and voila. New children!


In vanilla, facegen files are all uncompressed and without mipmaps. This is a serious drain. So I spent over an hour resizing and optimising my facegen textures. This should improve performance

And we’re done. You’re done reading. Happy gaming




10 thoughts on “Divine People November Update”

  1. After the update, it said certain files weren’t present, and I could therefore not play with the mod. Is there a certain one I’m missing? I’ve read through the mod description and found nothing stating why I have this problem.


  2. Hey Trashana first time commenter btw! I know you you get a trillion and one people asking you or bitching you out on a weekly basis for stupid shit well I’m not one of those commenters. I know you can’t do it so I just high fived all them annoying people in the face for ya not really but anyways thank you for making kick ass mods I’ve been using a couple of your mods now for almost 3 months and I’m hooked thank for all that you do and have a good day.



  3. I do not know if you are still reading this page or not, but I wanted to let you know that your work is VERY much appreciated. Been dinking with my XBoxOne and SE for a year now and finally got serious about trying to figure out my LO issues. LOTS of guides out there, but none seemed to get my game working. Then I ran across yours here; https://bethesda.net/community/topic/73985/the-load-order-for-beginners-and-advanced-users-x1-optimised-official-thread?language%5B%5D=en and VIOLA! 82 mods, and game is working wonderfully. (7 or 8 of those are yours FTR) Divine Cities, Divine Villages, your player creation mods..love them. Anyway, just wanted you to know, your efforts are not in vain. Thank-you very much.


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