DC/V November 2019 Mega- Update

Ah here we are a year later, minor updates here and there but you know… DC has been missing a few things and I’ve hemmed and hawed about updated changes because “ehmergerd limited space.” I’ve long wanted to bring my Market’s “Sweet Dreams Bakery” to DC for some time and now I have the excuse. I’ve also wanted more custom voice acting, more interactions and more things to do… so here are the changes incoming:

You will NOT need a new game for this update. Hoo-ray. This update features the winners of September’s Charity Drive which benefitted orphans. Thank you very much for your donations. Each month a new charity is selected so we can make more corners of the world shine brighter.
[ ] Hannestre’s Bakery is OPEN! You will be able to buy special delights located in Solitude. The Bakery features Hannestre selling:

-Jazbay Macaroons – loved by the mages, this delightfully airy macaroon has magicka restorative properties.

-Candied Apples – a beloved treat during the Witche’s Festival, this hearty concoction has endurance restorative properties.

-Cocoa Cream Biscuit – a full flavoured treat perfect with tea or coffee, this biscuit fortifies one’s health and can put a smile on the most dour of faces

-Citrus Sponge Cake – with seasonal fruit nestled in an cocoon of cream and love, this delicious cake has health regenerative properties.

– Coffee and Tea

Players will now be able to make their own coffee and tea. Purchase the teapot or coffee percolator from Hannestre to take with you. All you need are some coffee beans or tea leaves and water. Simply talk to any innkeeper around Skyrim for drinking water and pull up your coffee percolator or teapot via your armour menu and voila! Now you can be toasty warm anywhere you are.

[ ] Stritchgor the Mighty – an Orc Merchant that features billy clubs for fighting and proper armour for defending. He’s also known to carry arrows for the archer and foodstuffs for the hungry traveller. Travelling around the Reach you will find him traveling from or two the Kolskeggr Way Station Inspired by SkipperStitch

[ ] Khardok Ulfbrand – a Nord replenishing merchant that will sell you food, bits of leather and items to help with fletching, skins, pelts and warm coats to stave off the Skyrim chilly nights. He happily patrols all over Whiterun Hold and stops often at the Western Tree Way Station or Eldergleam Way Station. Inspired by Kharnivor

[ ] Rikki Hliattð – Nord Follower. He specialises in both two-handed and sword and board techniques. After Maven forced his family to relocate he decided to head off into the world to earn riches by way of his arm. Boasting of leading mammoth parties, Rikki is an able body follower. You will find him at the Honeycomb Way Station. Inspired by Sideways8

[ ] Rose of the Rift – a woman of sharp wit and smart beauty, Rose has a lovely magic shop near Merryfair Farm where she sells an assortment of magical items and new spells to learn. Inspired by RoseofRita

[ ] Mad Miracle Max – Max has spent his life in Winterhold learning how to live on very little. It is within his shoppe that he has perfected some of the best miracle cures known to Skyrim. His poultices can make the worst cough calm and his elixirs are known to calm the nervous of nellies. Inspired by MadMax

[ ] Arya Tir’nae is a Breton arcane warrior who left Cyrodil to find new ways to channel magic. While no one would confuse the Nords as being magic-centric, there are still secrets to uncover in the world. Magic Follower who wears her own special heavy armour that allows her to conjure special familiars and freeze enemies in place. Find her hanging around Miracle Max pestering him for more magic books. Inspired by WolfSaphire

[ ] Nixeleth and Sileveth – Bosmeri sisters who are hell-bent on having fun. While their family have been more or less stuck in Skyrim since the fall of the factions, these girls aren’t above finding beauty in the bleak. Both are able archers with Nixeleth also adept at dual wielding and Sileveth has dipped her hands into ward magic. You can find them prowling about Riften. Inspired by Nixeleth

[ ] Travelers on the road – you will find families travelling to and fro on the roads outside of the aforementioned merchants. These are men, women and sometimes their children, who are looking for a new life somewhere else or visiting family. Roads feel a lot more travelled on! Inspired by Keldir Zketraa

[ ]Way Stations – There are new Way Stations across Skyrim. They are small inns that allow you to rest up and you’ll find various people wandering to and from them to other locations.

– Haaflinger south of Forth Hraggstad is Hraggstad Way Station

– The Reach – West of Kolskeggr Mine is the Kolskeggr Way Station and south of Old Hroldan and between Gloomreach is Hroldan Way Station

Whiterun – West of the Western Watchtower and south of Sleeping Tree Camp is the Western Tree Way Station. Eldergleam Sanctuary now has a little post outside of it where travelling merchants come to sit down and spin a tale or two.

Eastmarch – Traitor’s Post has been cleared out and rebuilt. The bandits were a bit cranky but found themselves a little camp further down. You’re free to dispatch them and loot their lootings

The Rift – Between Honeystrand Cave and Sarethi farm you’ll find the Honeycomb Way Station

[ ] Outlaw Refuge’s – Inspired by ESO each hold now has an outlaw refuge to hunker down, sell your stolen items and clear bounties.


[ ] Special foods added by DC (bbq ribs, baked goods, etc) now properly restore Survival hunger costs and/or fortify warmth and remove cold factors

[ ] Homes are now decorated with baked goods that you can display as you want to

[ ] Dozens of new recipes for baked goods and cooked meals are found from DC added vendors. A powerful “single serving” meal can be found for those of us who don’t feel the need of a spouse

[ ] Whiterun’s “graveyard” area has been updated to reveal who is being remembered. Because there’s a hall of the dead I decided to remove the gravestones that peppered into the neighbouring yards- there’s really no reason for it. Instead, you will find a memorial plaque along the HoD outside walls

[ ] Homes are now more interactive with added goodies to be found

[ ] Children’s beds now have updated sit markers for the parents so they can read to their children before bedtime

[ ] Washtubs and laundry are now present around townspeople are perfectly fine being clean, not sure why anyone would suggest otherwise

[ ] Old Man Kinsington is now Old Man Bennington and has custom voice acting. Thank you, OMB!

[ ] Storing items inside your homes are now located in a separate cell to reduce your loaded cell data info and make it easier for X users. The only exception to this rule is the linked storage coffers to the various crafting stations.

[ ] Updated vendor inventories for a more varied selection including unique and randomly named items

[ ] Villages will also see more items in the various homes and shoppes.

[ ] Heartwood Mine has now been updated for when you finish the quest. Previously the enable marker was not responding. On a current game you might not see this update right away but it should show up within 30 days of game time (cell update will have to take place)

[ ] Improved NPC pathing in custom homes


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