Tarsh, wtf is taking so long?!!!

I know right? September I started my DC/V mega update and oh golly gee wiz did I open a can of worms, two bags of roe and moldy cracker box. As most of my faithful Goonies know (that’s what I call my Discordians and followers), I have an actual obsession with figuring out workarounds with the XBox 1-X because it’s the worst thing to use Skyrim mods on. Havoc will explode, npcs will float up into the sky and it’ll crash for no reason. We know this, Bethesda knows this, Microsoft knows this. I’m probably one of the few that’s obsessive over fixing this.


I can’t fix Dragonsreach and Jorvaskr sputtering and dying, but I can make it so random spawn nodes don’t explode the X, either. To that end I wanted to set up stations for people to sell their crap to and have spots along their journeys to remember to save. We also wanted to see increased populations, etc. Part of the first two months of the DC/V overhaul was reducing the merchant containers to a cell the player never enters- that’s a LOT of redirecting. The other was condensing my form IDs. There’s a form ID inside every ESP for every entry- packages, factions, etc, all take up space. So I reduced package and factions by half. I did have packages set up for every since one of my NPCs but I reduced those packages to 3 or 4 per household rather than 6 or 8. I have a multiple links so they will move around and yadd yadda… tldr: saves space. Then I made factions friendly towards each other so we wouldn’t have spouses trying to stab each other in their own home.

After that I wanted to reduce the containers I was using- I did have a lot of custom containers in the homes so I reduced that load and plopped them into another cell with a link from the house to the cell (except linked storage) so that way the cells people enter aren’t crowded with stuff. I also decided Whiterun, Solitude and Windhelm needed facelifts so they got another facelift and from there I made other little changes.

We’re currently in the last stretch of testing- there are 6 pages of notes so be sure to read up on it when we’re ready for live.

Happy Gaming!


3 thoughts on “Tarsh, wtf is taking so long?!!!”

  1. I’m just amazed at how much patience you have.. I had to stop coding at Fortran.. for health reasons! You folks do grand work, and I greatly appreciate it, and you!


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