Divine Cities and Villages Mega Update Pre-Patch Notes

Greetings Goonies!

You will not need a new game for this update but that does come with a caveat which will be listed below. This update features the winners of September’s Charity Drive which benefitted orphans. Thank you very much for your donations. Each month a new charity is selected so we can make more corners of the world shine brighter.

A few words before we begin. It would behoove you to read all of this because it’s a big update but there is no reason to get overwhelmed. For about a year I’ve toyed with the idea of having a bakery, speciality shops and more NPCs along the road. But the one thing that’s held me back has been the fact the XBox 1-X is a terrible machine for mod using. There are workarounds to help ease the problem of the X and I have included a number of under the hood performance fixes. These fixes include fixing some of the broken levelled NPC spawn points (People all know the wolf havoc was broken by Bethesda and recently updated which has reduced crashing by a good amount). SU (Skyrim Unleveled) users will not notice a difference in the NPCs that spawn (my spawns, obviously not Bethesda’s), don’t worry. I gotchu covered.

My testers thus far have mentioned that they feel they can finally live in Whiterun without it exploding on them. Nothing has made me as happy as that. But don’t worry, I’m sure some of you will find ways to crash in Whiterun and blame me 😉 Or claim it’s the disabled smoking braziers.. of which aren’t being rendered. But of *course* those are crashing you!

Please read the checkpoints for the updates, additions and changes. Please remember to place your mods back in order when updating. Increase of size with Divine Cities is due to facegen needed- if we didn’t need facegen the size of mods could be a lot smaller… alas, that is not how it goes.

New Features:

[ ] Hannestre’s Bakery is OPEN! You will be able to buy special delights located in Solitude. The Bakery features Hannestre selling

Jazbay Macaroons – loved by the mages, this delightfully airy macaroon has magicka restorative properties. Lore note: Macaroons are literally just crushed nuts in the place of flour.

Candied Apples – a beloved treat during the Witches Festival, this hearty concoction has endurance restorative properties. Lore note: Apples dipped in honey has been a treasured treat for thousands of years. Of course they’re lore friendly.

Sugar Cookie – a full flavoured treat perfect with tea or coffee, this biscuit fortifies one’s health and can put a smile on the dourest of faces. Lore note: The Swedes are in charge of the word “cookie” and I’m pretty sure that flour, eggs and some sugar isn’t going to wreck someone’s “immersion.”

Citrus Sponge Cake – with seasonal fruit nestled in a cocoon of cream and love, this delicious cake has health regenerative properties. Lore note: Sponge cake is easy peasy to make, roll it up with fresh cream and voila- sponge cake. The Elder Scrolls series absolutely has guarana berries in it (they look like strawberries)

Coffee and Tea – Players will now be able to make their own coffee and tea. Purchase the teapot or coffee percolator from Hannestre to take with you. All you need are some coffee beans or tea leaves and water. Simply talk to any innkeeper around Skyrim for drinking water (via chat window) or Way Station merchants (via the normal chest) and pull up your coffee percolator or teapot via your armour menu and voila! Now you can be toasty warm anywhere you are.(does not actually affect Survival warmth)

You will also find Hannestre’s sister as patrons around the bakery and his wife will be selling his confections. I have long wanted a bakery in DC and with Hannestre being a winner of our charity drive twice over I decided to make his passion part of DC.

[ ] Stritchgor the Mighty – an Orc Merchant that features billy clubs for fighting and proper armour for defending. He’s also known to carry arrows for the archer and foodstuffs for the hungry traveller. You will find him travelling from or to the Reachwind Way Station. Inspired by SkipperStitch

[ ] Khardok Ulfbrand – a Nord replenishing merchant that will sell you food, bits of leather and items to help with fletching, skins, pelts and warm coats to stave off the Skyrim chilly nights. He happily patrols all over Whiterun Hold and stops often at the Western Tree Way Station or Eldergleam Way Station. Inspired by Kharnivor

[ ] Rikki Hliatto – Nord Follower. He specialises in both two handed and sword and board techniques. After Maven forced his family to relocate he decided to head off into the world to earn riches by way of his arm. Boasting of leading mammoth parties, Rikki is an able body follower. You will find him at the Honeycomb Way Station. Inspired by Sideways8

[ ] Rose on the Ridge – a woman of sharp wit and smart beauty, Rose has a lovely magic on the border of Eastmarch/Riften, near Darkwater Crossing, where she sells an assortment of magical items and new enchantments to learn. Inspired by RoseofRita

[ ] Mad Miracle Max – Max has spent his life in Winterhold learning how to live on very little. It is within his shoppe that he has perfected some of the best miracle cures known to Skyrim. His poultices can make the worst cough calm and his elixirs are known to calm the nervous of nellies. Inspired by MaxMax

[ ] Arya Tir’nae is a Breton arcane warrior who left Cyrodil to find new ways to channel magic. While no one would confuse the Nords as being magic-centric, there are still secrets to uncover in the world. Magic Follower who wears her own special heavy armour that allows her to conjure special familiars and freez enemies in place. Find her hanging around Miracle Max pestering him for more magic books. Inspired by WolfSaphire

[ ] Nixeleth and Sileveth – Bosmeri sisters who are hell-bent on having fun. While their family hashave been more or less stuck in Skyrim since the fall of the factions, these girls aren’t above finding beauty in the bleak. Both are able archers with Nixeleth also adept at dual wielding and Sileveth has dipped her hands into ward magic. You can find them prowling about Riften. Inspired by Nixeleth

[ ] Travellers  – you will find people travelling to and fro on the roads outside of the aforementioned merchants. These are men, women and sometimes their children, who are looking for a new life somewhere else or visiting family. Roads feel a lot more travelled on! Inspired by Keldir Zketraa

[ ]Way Stations – There are new Way Stations across Skyrim. They are small areas that allow you to rest up and you’ll find various people wandering to and from them to other locations. Waystations are built with exterior kits so there is no navmesh changes this means no load doors and better compatibility.

Haafingar – south of Fort Hraggstad is Hraggstad Way Station

The Reach – North of Reachcliff Cave is the Reachwind Way Station

Whiterun – West of the Western Watchtower and south of Sleeping Tree Camp is the Western Tree Way Station.

Eastmarch – Traitor’s Post has been cleared out and rebuilt.

The Rift – Between Honeystrand Cave and Sarethi farm you’ll find the Honeycomb Way Station

[ ] Laundry Lines! That’s right- the Nords clean their britches. You will notice laundry lines peppered around Skyrim and most homes have the option of doing laundry. Go up to the empty line and activate it to hang your drawers. Now that’s clean!

[ ] Solitude Wharf District: The road leading up to Solitude finally has an ocean city feeling with the outskirts being dotted by fishermen and women earning a living by fishing and crabbing the rich ocean waters. They also have a trade agreement with the north so it won’t be difficult to find horker tusks and they are very skilled at harvesting salmon eggs. You may also purchase a humble abode for five thousand septims.

[ ] New and Unique Books (all 100% lore confirmed) are now available via the Winterhold Book Shop in restored Winterhold. This includes all of Vivec’s Sermons but remember that those sermons are rare so check back often!

[ ] Outlaw Refuges – Inspired by ESO, each hold now has an outlaw refuge to hunker down, sell your stolen items and clear bounties. The Refuges cannot be accessed by followers- please have them wait outside. This was to ensure mod quality so that no navmesh was touched upon in the cities any more than necessary.

Riften – Next to the mausoleum

Whiterun – Behind the Bannered Mare at the well

Markarth – The path to the mines behind the waterfall

Dawnstar – On the left side of Silus’s House

Winterhold – At the well behind the houses, in front of the blacksmith

Falkreath – Behind the inn at the well

Windhelm – Next to the smelter where the sewer cap is

Solitude – The well next to Erikur’s

Morthal – Behind the Blacksmith at the well


[ ] Due to the release of SFO/IFF and the ability to change follower outfits most followers have outfits attached. As most of you know followers with given outfits could get stuck in them and not wear what you want them to which is why they were naked. And since most of you are amazing at reading and knew this weren’t freaked out but thankful. But now the few people who don’t read patch notes and information will feel a lot better about dressed NPCs and stop filling up my mailbox with letters of the, and I quote, “naked bug.” Bugs don’t need clothing you know.

[ ] Special foods added by DC (bbq ribs, baked goods, etc) now properly restore Survival hunger costs and/or fortify warmth and remove cold factors

[ ] Windhelm’s Dunmeri Pub, The Dark Alley, has been moved down a few doors to blend in better to the landscape. It also has a room to rent if you’re that hard up for a spot to sleep in Windhelm.

[ ] Many homes are now decorated with baked goods

[ ] Dozens of new recipes for baked goods and cooked meals are found from DC added vendors. A powerful “single serving” meal can be found for those of us who don’t feel the need of a spouse

[ ] Whiterun’s “graveyard” area has been updated to reveal who is being remembered. Because there’s a hall of the dead I decided to remove the gravestones that peppered into the neighbouring yards- there’s really no reason for it. Instead, you will find a memorial plaque along the HoD outside walls

[ ] Whiterun Power has been renamed to City Options to be more clear about what it does while in the menu.

[ ] DC NPCs are a lot more cowardly now and willing to run away and act the way anyone would if a giant fire breathing dragon or bloodthirsty werewolf was rampaging in their face

[ ] Homes are now more interactive with added goodies to be found

[ ] Calbridge Estate has been revamped to make it feel like it’s actually three stories. A beautiful new entryway has been set up with a den/library/workshop downstairs. Note: If you have a family moved here and/or items placed around the house please move the family and empty the chests. Cell resets are 30 days and if you don’t do this some items might seem “stuck” in a couple walls that changed. Don’t give me that look- you all know by now the game bakes in the information.

[ ] Windcreek Cottage in Whiterun has a nicer foyer and a laundry room in the hallway towards the kids/garden room

[ ] More children’s beds now have updated sit markers for the parents so they can read to their children before bedtime

[ ] More gravestone markers to remember the fallen

[ ] Lighting Templates have been further adjusted so that other lighting mods (including mine) cannot interfere with the intended look. Some places were reported as having a “gloomy” look due to those changes. Fog begone!

[ ] Old Man Kinsington is now Old Man Bennington and has custom voice acting. Thank you, OMB!

[ ] Storing items inside your homes are now located in a separate cell to reduce your loaded cell data info and make it easier for X users. The only exception to this rule is the linked storage coffers to the various crafting stations.

[ ] Updated DC vendor inventories for a more varied selection including unique and randomly named items (this is for an upcoming deco addon and to add flavour to the game). Items such as “Torchbug Hair Tonic” might be found in the world and are safely sold to vendors. And yes, they are lore-friendly. Stop asking, stop worrying. The only thing not lore-friendly or immersive is you using mods since mods literally change the base game. Stop being pedantic and have some fun.


[ ] Decorations – Adjustments made to player homes for better children’s toys, visible liquid in cups when sitting/eating, updated wardrobes and containers

[ ] Warm Cloth and Leather Clothing now has a hooded option so you don’t look like a deranged Santa.

[ ] City of the Ancients – npc names have been updated to reflect the integration of COTA into Skyrim. Outfits adjusted. The bakery now sells Sweet Dreams Bakery goods- Hannestre was kind enough to share his recipe book

Jewel Crafting Stations –  brand new circlet for females in twenty- four styles with a light armour variant for a total of forty-eight styles. There are also lore-friendly septum piercings Unfortunately Khajiit and Argonian races cannot be included with these models because Bethesda doesn’t like it when we try to make adjustments for them.

Weling has a new helper, Walkora, who comes from House Hlaalu to show off new jewellery styles and teach others how to craft these ornate items. You can find her in the shop from 8-6.

Intricate and Delicate circlets are female only. I haven’t found a male model I like and tbh none of the men I’ve talked to have been particularly interested in circlets so I’m setting that aside for now.

The pinna rings take up slot 43 and 44 so you can wear just one or both at the same time and the nose ring takes up slot 48 which means you can still wear circlets and hoods with them. Walkora will sell these to you.

You may also craft the Dawnguard style amulets and rings along with the base game circlets. The Jeweler in COTA is open from 8 am until 6 pm. Purchase the Jewelcrafting Manual from Walkora and the options will open up on the jewellery station (which is a repurposed armour tempering table). Crafting jewellery gives small increments of smithing levelling up.

City Repair Units now display their conversation idles properly however there is no sound in order to conserve space.

[ ] Cenoba – True to Argonian form they now display their proper Argonian names. You’ll notice Arthmoor’s name has been properly updated. Map marker is now displayed so people know where it’s at but you cannot fast travel there at the start

[ ] Indary Manor – Now has Indary Mine. Berkshire has been moved near Kynesgrove and if you notice a landmark in that area you’ll find the Hidden Cave.

[ ] Berkshire Castle – Has been moved near Kynesgrove. Updated displays. Because of the enormity of Berkshire there is still the teleportation spell you can find inside the main bedroom there. There is a new set table function in the main dining hall (silver dishes) and children’s rooms have been updated.

Credits – Thank you OMB for reading over my pardon edicts and reminding me again why I should keep up with my papyrus functions. Thieves and Murderers everywhere should leave offerings at your door. I appreciate the input from Matt, Mist and Chris about crime sprees and what would be a good counterfeit pardon edict amount. I actually cried when I killed Alvor to test out the first inception of this. Thank you to Doc for the in-depth testing, Chris for the testing and late-night shenanigans and of course, our faithful Jason who gave his life for the Moddess.

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