It’s Xmas, where’s the presents?!!

Gosh it really is the 25th. And guess what – I still have my head inside the Creation Kit. There have been a few polishes to wrap up, slimming packages and adding more nuances to the player homes. Not to mention I like to run my Marauders through the wringer and test Whiterun. Solid Gold so far.

Divine Cities and Villages should be an experience and should make Skyrim feel alive and to that end, I’ve done a lot; probably more than I should, but I also take great pride in a job well done and as I was playing/updating I realised there was some things missing.

So right now I’m at the wrap-up stage and making sure I haven’t missed crossing a T or dotting an I. I’m sure someone will point out it’s trash, I’m sure someone will freak out that Dragonsreach crashed and yes, there are already some of you running around with false information and outright lies about how I keep breaking Dragonsreach and I “refuse to fix it” even though it’s never been my issue to fix. But hey bub, you keep on talkin’ because I’m sure it helps you sleep better at night.

To my Goonies- Have a wonderful Holiday season and Happy Gaming


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