More Pre-Updates Notes

Probably the most fun about this particular update is how many things a person can squeeze into an itty bitty modding space. While you technically don’t need a new game, I’ve already written there are some caveats. After a long-winded battle with the Creation Kit – by which whiskey, blood, and tears were shed – I have managed to create proper baking stations that don’t rely on that grossly incandescent large baking oven which takes up a LOT of space in smol cabins.

That said-

Calbridge Estate, Whispering Pines and Ravenwood will need you to vacate them for thirty days until a cell resets (of course new games won’t need to worry about that). I figure I should give you a fair warning ahead of time. You will also need to remove any items stored inside the Riverside Cabin as I’m remaking the storage units there to be more cohesive and work with the new PC idles and interactions.

I’m hoping this won’t take more than another day or two of testing. Until then- Happy Gaming Goonies!


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