January Charity Drive & Updates


I’m here to announce our charity for the month. I had to wrangle between the ASPCA and the Humane Society- both are overflowing with unwanted holiday pets who are in need of homes. After a long discussion with my contacts and looking at the numbers we’re going to go ahead with the Humane Society this month. Instead of 1 bake sale, we’ll be doing 2 which means the 8th of this week and the 15th I won’t be around much. We spend anywhere from 8-10 hours baking in a sterile, nut-free zone and we know this month it’s very important to hit those numbers and make sure these beautiful pets are given to the right home.

Post-holiday our wallets can be a bit empty so for January I’m going drop the monthly donations to 5$ for the February drawings AND this month only I will spend an hour in discord with all the patreons and donators in a live stream and show them the insides the CK and my workflow. I also realise we didn’t have enough people entered for December so this month I have some extra prizes to hand out to random givers of $5 or more. THAT’S NOT ALL! Stay tuned this week for more info! (Who says we can’t extend Xmas into January?!)

Please remember that donations are not a guarantee of mods, nor can you donate and make a mod request happen. Donations are because you want to support a good cause and from the goodness of your heart.

Happy Gaming –

Pets featured above

Pet Details

Pet Details

Pet Details

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