More Village Updates

Happy Thursday Goonies!

I’ve begun the project of moving Nithi Ahn Strond to the other side of Half-Moon mill. Between Tel Nalta, Moon and Star and Oakwood in that same area I felt it prudent to stabilise the area and plop Nithi to the other side and spread out the villages. This also means I no longer have to deal with trying to make a patch with M&S which needs some navmesh update but regardless of that it IS self contained enough that with moving Nithi should mean people shouldn’t have too many problems. So now you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Phase 1 of Cloud Storage is complete. There are also some surprises for people in regards to Winterhold’s Coldwind Cottage and Markarth’s Sunforge Estate. The most important thing about modding is having choices and I’m sure the updates are going to be a welcome source of enjoyment.

Fair warning: Due to some unforseen issues within how the game saves references some of you might have to wait to update when you’re ready for a new game. While I’ve worked diligently to remake saved references into the new features, a few items are left floating and being silly.

I’ll keep you updated this week.


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