Midweek Updates – DC/V

Happy Tuesday- aren’t you glad Monday is over? Although for some of us, today *is* Monday. I’m happy to inform you that all cloud storage and linked storage for DC and DC:V is complete. Testing will occur this week. Inside both DC and DC:V, you’ll notice my special storage units will be marked [Cloud] or [Linked]. And I’m guessing you’re smart enough, dear Goonie, to know what Cloud means vs Linked. If not then I’ll tell you: Linked means it will go into the Cloud Storage to be pulled out at the crafting furniture marker in your area (whether the player home or hold city location it resides in) whereas Cloud Storage means you’re placing items into the central repository of items and crap and things and not IN the cell. Any unmarked storage unit means that it’s a vanilla game container and will be loaded IN the cell. This means YOU, dear Goonie, can determine where your items go. I’ve done my best to include as many unique storage containers as I can inside each home- how you distribute your items is up to you.

I would also like to note that Winterhold’s Coldwind Cottage now has an option to move in a couple children via the Multiple Adoptions mod. I did this for the fact that some people playing as a mage might not want to live *at* the Winterhold College and might be in the business of having children. You’ll find the activator as a book inside. Also to note I’ve updated the entire interior to reflect a more friendly atmosphere. I know some people want really basic, plain cabins, but after reviewing several hundred LO’s and the type of people who want a plain cottage- what you’re really do is just using Campfire or Camping to tote around your crap and you’re probably not using player homes that much, so I decided to splurge and spruce up various homes to feel lived in.

Bonus? You can now pour coffee or tea in your homes at your leisure.

Happy Gaming!



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