Dear COVID-19, Suck It!

Okay Goonies, time for an update on life, quarantine and shenanigans.

This coronavirus sucks, doesn’t it? Some of us might not be as affected as others, but for me personally, it’s turned everything upside down. I’m battling a low part in my heart right now because the changes in my personal/professional life have caused such an upheaval it’s affected my relationship with my daughter, second daughter, roommate, friends, etc. BUT. Just like the rest of you, I’m putting one foot forward after the other and plugging along. Even if our eating schedules are now separate and we have to take turns in the house, we have a Discord set up with the house so that we’re always at least chatting online. I know most of you have done similar things and have inspired me to not give up and to find creative ways with handling the situation.

I think right now my greatest concern is my charity work. I cannot abandon my projects and the people who have inspired me to give. This is the worst possible time for anyone to fall in the cracks. So work with me! We can make a difference. Parts of what I’ll be writing next have been inspired by personal stories, Jeep, Nix, DZ, Chris and a few other Goonies who wish to remain anonymous but I think we can agree that a little goes a long way

1. Check up on your elderly neighbours. Ask them if they need their lawn mowed, flowers watered, weeds weeded, offer them some extra toilet paper or paper towels, wash their car. Most people in older generations hate the idea of imposing on others so above all else LET THEM KNOW IT’S YOUR HONOUR TO HELP THEM! Being at the end of the road doesn’t mean we forget those who forged that road for us. Love your neighbour!

2. If you’re living in an apartment building, leave a note at your neighbour’s door asking if they need anything. Knock and step back. Don’t forget to mention who you are and what number you are in. Communicate with your property manager about keeping doors into and out of the building safe.

3. Know someone with young kids? I bet they’re going a bit gaga since they can’t go to the park. Offer to put on a puppet show over Skype or Discord! Sing some silly songs, do some kid-friendly skits, read them a book! Do something more interactive than the regular TV and let them know they’re loved and cared for in this scary time.
4. If you have access to any PPE gear, contact your local food bank or shelter and ask if there’s anything you can do to help people continue to get their food. Connect with outreach programs for things like Pharmacy Delivery to the elderly or disabled.

5. Consider connecting with people who have disabilities via discord: and helping keep their day bright. These servers are set up to be a hate-free zone and several are set up for gamers.

6. Take up a new language! Many discords offer free teaching. The more you listen to a foreign language the more likely you are to pick it up.
I want to thank you all for standing at my side during this time as I re-work my schedule to accommodate my personal life, professional life and Skyrim life. Together we’ve made a huge difference in the lives of children, the disabled, the homeless and the elderly. I know we’ll continue doing great things together. Much love and rainbows to you all.

Healthy Gaming,

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