July 20/20 Updates

Salutations Goonies,

It’s another month in the infamous year of 2020 and I have a few projects on the horizon. Before we begin let me go over a few things. I think a lot of people forget I have a real life job and a family. This means from about 6 am until 6 pm I’m working and managing foster animals, daughter, second daughter, home life, etc. I get maybe four hours a day to myself any more so unlike the previous years of modding my time is very much limited.

But I’m not done modding. Just as people have mailed me about how my creations have helped them through dark times, so has mod creation also helped me through dark times. COVID-19 has claimed the life of three family members and being able to grieve and also put a little memory of them into my mods has been near and dear to my heart. Thank you all for your kind words over the last few months. The Tarsh Gaming community has shown some amazing compassion towards one another.

We also say goodbye to The Black Swan who has departed from the mortal coil and onto the next phase. He was friends with PoorlyAged and his grandson, UnshodCobbler, and kept up what mods he could and started his own design work. You’ll soon see something in game to commemorate knowing him.

4 Gameplay Overhauls

After a year of development I’m finally zoning into the home stretch for the next mods of the Fatality series. These four mods will flesh out the rest of the world for perks, loot, npc lists and another Fatality plugin. Because I want to release these at the same time it means my Marauders are going to be in heavy duty testing.


We do have some update fixes for current mods, a few polishes, the AIO for Outfitters, more Outfitter mods along with 5 exclusive DC Homes addon that will feature quests and puzzles unique voiced followers and more.

I want to say how absolutely wonderful my Goonies have been with the support of the Tarsh Gaming Charity Network. This month we’re going to be focusing on Child’s Play Charity. I have a list of 50 children in hospitals in the US, CA, IE and EU who have a wish list for games. Partnering with us is AutoZone who will be buying the Nintendo Switch for some of these children (6 in the US) and we will be providing the games. The local Walmart (which is actually an hour drive for me) is going to be providing a 15% discount + zero tax so that we can purchase the games at cost. (Roughly 35 dollars per game). Part of that list includes games like Monopoly, Sorry, Clue, Candyland and “puzzle pieces.” So not only are your donations a way of thanking me and the team of people who help create mods, but you’re also helping pay it forward to another generation of children gamers. These memories created are priceless and mean the world.

Don’t forget!! If you have any random bug reports, questions or requests get them in before July 20th! After that it’ll be another month before I can look over older mods as we need to push forward and get new content out. I absolutely love game development and it’s been my pleasure to serve the needs of the XBox community.

Happy Gaming,

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