Dark Ages Dungeons

Dark Ages Dungeons seeks to create an underground world that is both delightful and forboding. While both packs include the same textures for forts, Dwemer and Nordic, the stones inside the generic dugneons and mines will be based on preference. If you want the most out of your dungeons, make sure your interior lighting is set just right. I'd be remiss not to mention that Divine Interiors: Shadows and Light provides the right atmosphere for your dungeon delving.


Step into another world...

Fantasy Fantasy dungeons are more of the rough hewn volcanic rock set to the same texture as Dark Ages mountains. Tamriel is not earth and I believe in feeling immersed in a new world. Due to the nature of the rock formations, very little of the meshes had to be fixed which allows for more space for other mods. I truly enjoy these fantastical textures and if you haven't had a chance to try them, now is as good a time as any.


Step into the familiar...

Traditional Traditional dungeons take on the more vanilla esthetic and fixes some of the more garish textures with proper uv mapping to the meshes. Because some of the dungeons have enlarged meshes you might see 'tearing' on some of the edges. I've done my best to correct these.


  • + Nordic Dungeon Texture Sets
  • + Dwemer Dungeon Texture Sets
  • + Mine Stone & Wood, Scaffolding & Smim'd Ropes
  • + Ivy & Roots
  • + Doors and Dirt