Dark Ages

This mod seeks to create a new visual experience, adding a somewhat darker, distinctively different atmosphere across the province of Skyrim. Dark Ages is a comprehensive mesh and texture project covering the game’s Architecture – cities and villages -, Landscapes, Mountains, Snow and Dungeons, achieving its unique look through careful blending of high quality textures as well as the introduction of my own texture recreations. This texture combination brings about a fresh, logical and lore-friendly feel to the game, and it is the culmination of my efforts to offer a different way of seeing Skyrim.

Unlike the Divine Architecture series, these mods will not be broken down into smaller pieces, but they are offered as six different modules for all your visual and space saving needs. Please feel free to navigate through the tabs for a thorough explanation of everything the Dark Ages packs cover. Please remember that kind comments and good ratings are the best possible feedback that mod authors can get. Please drop me a line and some screenshots!

Load Order

You should be following the Logical Load Order Template. More info in in the Compatibility section.