Dark Ages Compatbility

The goal of Dark Ages was to include the major architecture and clutter items we see everywhere without causing major overlap with other mods. We know that the X model has had some serious issues with performance and the “4K” update. Please read carefully.

HPP and ETD are compatible but there is overlap so place at the top. I tried to design the mod so that no extra meshes or textures are necessary. YMMV

Do not use with the Divine texture packs because that’d be silly to overlap

Do not use with graphics packs or addons because overlap is silly

Do not use with “Cities of Skyrim” which is a texture overhaul, not an object overhaul

Do not use with “Skyrim Graphics Overhaul” cuz overlap

Landscapes and dungeons are optional addons, you are free to chose Skyland or other similar packs to compliment the main Dark Ages pack.

This should be loaded at the lowest part of your meshes and textures and always under your grass mods and landscape fixes. Please review https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xVXrGf80iH4Q6J3pFGV0DEss9y1joLUYDrSlTjzxSpc/edit?usp=sharing if you have any further questions

If you are using the Dark Ages Landscape addon you do not need Divine Flowers and Plants, however, if there is a singuarl flower/plant standalone you can place under

“No snow under the roof” does not come with 3D farm ropes so if you use those meshes, those will disappear. Place them under the Dark Ages Architecture pack.

Tree texture mods such as Divine Trees or Forests of Dibella are compatible.