Dark Ages Fantasy Dungeons

The goal of this was to create a more fantasy rich interior using CC’s amazing textures for mines and caves rocks/walls to match the mountain addon. The other parts are the same as the traditional dungeons. The reason for the size difference is that the tradition dungeons rely on special alpha layers for some of the textures while Fantasy does not, and alpha layers on textures are larger files.


The Dungeon texture folder contains the following group: Forts, Mines, Caves, Dwemer Ruins and Nordic Ruins. While the Katariah Ship falls under this category, I have not done anything with it (yet)

Mine – doors, dirt, walls, rocks – matches the mountain addon
Caves and Ice Caves – dirts, stones and rocks – matches the mountain addon
Dwemer Ruins – stone columns, floors and metal to match Dark Ages Architecture
Nordic Ruins– stone walls and dirt flooring (the clutter bits, such as burial urns, are in the main pack or you can use Ruins Clutter packs)
Imperial Forts – woods and doors, rubble, rock floors and stone walls.

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