Dark Ages SMIM Addon

Not only do you get SMIM meshes, but also SMIM textures along with RaiserFX’s improved rugs and flooring as well as other items to enhance your game. Each texture was carefully thought out to give a cohesive feel to the overall tone Dark Ages brings, but also adds distinct flare to location specific items (such as ruins or certain signs). Basically they’re awesome.

This replaces DSMIM if you have it and want to use Dark Ages main architecture pack. If you are using any of the other addons, then DSMIM is fine . Why? The main pack contains architecture pieces from SMIM and also my own handiwork. The DSMIM modules has architecture + clutter and furnishings so it would be redundant to use another mod that has the exact same meshes.


Alchemy Table
Apples, Tomatoes, Bread, Soup
Bar and bar stools
Baskets, Barrels and Crates
Cave Lamp
Common chairs, tables and furniture bits
Display Cases and racks
Dwemer Scrap Metal
Enchanting Workbench
Hand carts
Hanging rings and the dead animals that hang on them (pheasants and rabbits)
Honey Pots
Horn Candle and Chandeliers
Ingredient Bowls- vampire dust, salts, moon sugar etc
Jewelry + Stones
Levers and chains in Nordic and Dwemer ruins
Metal cages
Mine and cave scaffolding with ropes
Noble furniture- beds, chairs, chests and tables
Prisoner Carriage
Road Signs- comes with CRF included
Ruins clutter retextures- the pots, urns, furniture/tables, skeletons, floor lamps
Skeletons, skulls and bones – plus bloody textures included
Smelters, forges and work benches
Standard Rugs, Animal pelts, WR Rugs and Drapery, Sovngarde Rugs and Drapery
Throne Chairs
Upper class furniture now has openning doors/drawers and has new textures
Vampire Coffins
Wall Baskets

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