Dark Ages: Trees of the North

The scent of pine, the crunch of fallen leaves under your feet, sun-dappled roads beneath the canopy; evergreen needles rustle on branches that creak in protest at the gusts of cold, Northern air; forest shadows deep and cooling. There’s something unique about these ol’ Skyrim trees with their rich bark texture and full branches. The Aspens to the east are colourful and vibrant, the pine trees are lush and thick. Makes for good hunting…or secret killing.

Larger, taller, lusher trees to enhance your forests and environment.

Pine Trees are larger, taller and thicker

Aspens now come in many colours

Dead and snow trees are thicker but not taller since they are, you know…dead and snow. This creates more unique environments

Full LOD created with all new meshes

Quoter for the bark: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64192
Quixel , Photoshop and NifSkope for the rest

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