Dark Ages
Textures of Skryim

The Dark Ages texture module is an extensive overhaul to stone and woodwork for all of Skyrim's cities and villages, the plants, landscapes and even creatures. The goal was to bring true aesthetic of a northern climate featuring inspirations from Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and even Ireland. Since these aesthetics are already in the game, I took them a step further.

Beautiful, Realistic

Architecture Architecture covers all main cities and their unique styles, plus the farm houses that decorate the villages. Featuring properly cut rocks for walls, resins and oils for woodwork, the Dark Ages Architecture pack is a refreshing experience.

SMIM Addon
Improved and New Meshes

Architecture The original SMIM took Skyrim by storm with fully functional 3D chains and barrels with rotating tops, SMIM has become a staple for most players. Dark Ages SMIM is specifically created with the architecture pack in mind so that everything matches flawlessly.

Food & Signs
Delicious, Delightful

FoodnSigns Food should be something delectable on view! Not to mention signs (but please don't eat them). Performance issues can be an issue for some players so we've pulled out the foods from the SMIM module and placed into their own pack. And because there are many options on signs we have decided it would be best to also offer it separately.

Tangible, Immersive

Landscape A truly majestic landscape should sweep you off your feet and allow you to feel you are in a new location when changing holds. While the Reach features rich moss, Whiterun's tundra grasses are beautiful shades of golds and reds. Forested areas offer rich palettes and defined pine needles. Rocks are kicked up on paths well travelled and roads are perfectly blended.

Trees of the North
Detailed, Enchanting

Trees of the North From the lush pines of Falkreath to the crisp autumn birch trees of the Rift, this module is sure to enchant and delight anyone. Featuring an increase of branch thickness and mulitple coloured aspens, Trees of the North are sure to delight your senses.

Extensive, Charming

Mountains Skyrim is an ancient place full of myth and magic. Should the mountains be any less? Featuring volcanic hewn stone to blend seamlessly into the world, the Dark Ages Mountains are rugged and beautiful to bring the player into a world of fantasy and dragons.

Dungeons and Caves
Immense, Provacative

Dungeons When traversing the underground who says it can't be alluring? Dungeons and Caves provide two types: traditional and fantasy. The fantasy version matches the Dark Ages Mountain textures while the traditional matches more of the vanilla palette so there is a choice for the player to pick what suits their playstyle.

Majestic, Ancient

Castles Castles are featured as an All in One and separate packs. Because we don't spend a lot of time in them and/or we lack space, I wanted to make sure all players have a choice for their game. Castles featured include Fort Dawnguard, Winterhold College, Sky Haven Temple, High Hrothgar, and Castle Volkihar.

AI + Textures

FoodnSigns Dragons are feared for their cunning and strength. With the Dark Ages AI and texture pack you'll find yourself fighting some of the most brutal and beautiful creatures in all of Tamriel. The Dark Ages: Immersive Dragon AI allows you to cater your experience and set just how brutal the dragons really are. The texture pack features a complete overhaul of all dragons to create a stunning visual experience.


Credits The Dark Ages series would not be possible without the talent and resources of others.