My Discord is welcome to all walks of life. We feature a wide variety of community members that are welcoming and inclusive. Our rules are simple: don’t be a dick.

1. When you join you are required to participate and introduce yourself. (Introductions should not include personal information – just let us know how you were directed to the Discord) Failure to do so will result in a kick. We know that Discord requires a verified email and can take 5 minutes, and we understand. Failure to participate after a certain amount of time and you will be demoted and/or removed.

2. No politics or religion, no dead baby jokes, no rape jokes.

3. This is haven for all walks of life, straight, gay, whatever. Doesn’t matter because people are people. It doesn’t matter if you are an officer or regular user, you will be removed from the server for any form of violence or harassment towards other people and especially minors.

4. Quartermasters are to enforce the rules, they also have special privileges for testing for some mod authors. No they will not tell you anything, don’t ask!

5. There are no “promotions” as people are equal here, but there are some special privileges granted to folks who participate and aren’t a douche. That said, everyone starts out with limited access to the Galley, but LO is open to everyone for help.

6. If you have a problem with someone, seek out Tarshana or Vader for arbitration. If attitudes aren’t resolved, then put the other person on ignore and go about your day.

7. No real life avatars. We don’t want to know your real life face and we don’t want to be responsible for people using it. Failure to change your picture will result in a notice and/or ban.

8. No overtly disgusting material. We have a high tolerance but anything deemed pornographic will result in a warning. Three warnings and you’re removed.

9. Don’t suck up to the MA’s and expect them to do anything for you. We work on what we want and while we’ll take requests, do it in the proper channel.

10. Don’t ping Tarshana – it fucks up her phone

11.  I do not give release or update dates any longer. This isn’t because I don’t like you, but:

* I don’t know. Oft’times something goes wrong or an added change isn’t what I wanted and I have to review my steps and update to something I really want and that works with the console.

* I don’t want to disappoint myself or have a shoddy release.

* I don’t want to be held accountable to an imaginary date, and make sacrifices to make that date, both in my mods and (more importantly) in real life.

* Because real life dictates when I release. Not donations, not arsekissing, not the Holy Trinity himself.

Link to Discord