Divine Atmosphere – Aetherius


The purpose of this mod is to create dynamic and engaging changes to the Skyrim weather and atmosphere system. This is not just another weather mod, it’s an experience.

Gallery here created by the amazing Vader: https://imgur.com/a/RPISl
Gallery by Barbarian: https://imgur.com/a/UjXev
Gallery by Tarsh https://imgur.com/a/KV3QF


As most of you know I’ve got a thing for realistic fantasy. Who says you can’t have blinding Thundersnows or crazy lightning capable of striking anywhere? This weather mod blends fantasy, realism and a dash of Irish luck.


  • Atmospheric weathers have been handcrafted to bring a unique experience.
  • Sunsets and Sunrises can range anywhere from purple to peach.
  • Days are different from each other with various cloud coverage and various blues based on region.
  • Evening sounds includes wolves
  • Daytime sounds include birds and insects
  • Interior rain sounds are present
  • Brand new thunder sounds! No more boring or flat sounds
  • Six different lightning effects including forked lightning that can hit anything
  • New rain sounds
  • New rain textures
  • New water textures
  • Different foggy weathers
  • Unique storms
  • 7 new presets to customise your experience- some are better for picture taking only
  • NEW* 2 rain sound sliders (info here: http://www.gamesas.com/adding-custom-volume-sliders-with-the-possible-t287414.html)


Volumetric lighting has been enhanced – these are an integral part of the weather system and when used properly gives you a flawless performance. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know how to mod out of a wet paper bag

This mod is intended for people who aren’t afraid of fantasy in Skyrim.



your cat

Need LO help? We got you covered. 


Tools used: xEdit, Photoshop . Brushes included are from http://www.deviantart.com/art/Shad0ws-Brush-Set-4-16892678, http://www.deviantart.com/art/FREE-IMAGE-PACK-Rain-and-Star-39071818, and http://www.deviantart.com/art/Glassthroughskin-Brush-Set-23-Castle-592826700

This mod would not be possible without Vader; he helped me design the storms so they would be on par with what we expect in real life and our fantasy life. He also helped with pushing me for the interior rain sounds so thank him for that.


Thank you, Barbarian, for the amazing screenshots and feedback. Your blunt handling of mods is very much needed.


And thank you to the Weather God: Arindel. Arindel crafted the sunflare, the preset scripts, helped me trim and tweak the godrays, gave feedback on the particles and provided some great pointers.


Install: if updating from the previous DA, delete the old version, reset your XB and install this one. Otherwise just install and enjoy.
Do not uninstall this mod mid playthrough without a backup save.


Immersion, to me, is a fantasy setting where I can kill dragons and be a werewolf without losing my head unless decapitated properly. Tamriel is NOT medieval earth, even if there are elements inspired from it; so I had to find the best way to blend all aspects of the game. This mod is meant as an atmospheric blanket to bring back a bit of fantasy with all the “immersion” out there. Also, the water needed new textures so I tossed that in for a polished effect. One woman’s fantasy is another’s realism ;)


Extra Compatibility notes:

Immersive Sound Compendium has world bound issues which causes instability, please do not use it. Reverb is fine, quieter dungeons is fine , louder is fine

NOTE: Using the cheat room weather spells WILL ruin the playlists. Every person who uses that spell has told me they only get the thunderstorm rain. Don’t use it. If you do use it, then you’ll need to go inside a cell and wait 24 hours (NOT USING THE WAIT FUNCTION) for the playlists to update. I don’t use the exact same weathers that are in vanilla game- mine are unique.


Do not use with other weather mods – this should be self explanatory :P This module contains all the textures and lighting you could ever want. I also have a lot of custom weather lists that will cause glitches. Stop being bad.


Do not use with other water mods – you end up with redundant features taking up too much space and can ruin the effect DA has

Do not use with “Better Riften” type mods. Do not use with “insignificant object remover” do not EVER use “Disable godrays.” Godrays are used in a very unique way and will not impact your game.


If using ELFX, load this under. ELFX has weather data edits that will not work properly. Load this under.
Do not use with Surreal lighting or other weather mods (I’ll keep repeating so you guys remember!)
Do not use with Vivid
Do not use with Rustic
Do not use with Obsidian
Do not use with a fork in a light socket (unless you’re into that sort of thing)
Do not use with anything that alters planetary alignment
Do not use with Darker nights
Do not use with anything that says “weather”


I will not answer questions that are already answered here. Don’t ask. If you have something nice to say, say it, otherwise there’s other mods that way —————>

Mods used in screenshots: Divine Texture: Trees, Divine Cities, Divine Villages


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