Divine Cities Villages

Nithi Ahn Strond



  • Alchemy
  • Archery
  • Enchanting
  • Smithing
  • Sneak
  • Two-Handed


  • Alchemist
  • Blacksmith
  • Fisherman
  • Food & Drink (Inn)
  • General Goods
  • Hunting Supplies
  • Spell Shop


  • A modest player home
  • 8 potential marriage partners
  • Town guards change according to who owns Falkreath Hold
  • A Hall of the Dead complete with coffin references for all village NPCs
  • Radiant quest integration, including Thieves Guild quests
  • A special hidden quest to unlock the player home
  • Located next to Half-Moon Mill and compatible with Moon and Star




  • Blacksmith
  • Farmhouse marriageable widows and their sons, who can be adopted
  • Functional Inn
  • Street Food Merchant
  • Windstar (player house)
  • Giant Apple Tree
  • Unique dungeon which can be started from a journal inside Windstar




  • Alchemist
  • Spell Shoppe
  • Blacksmith
  • Inn with live music every day
  • Produce
  • Hunting supplies
  • Player Home




Purchasable and upgradable/customisable player home in The Honey Drum Inn

  • Inn
  • Apothecary
  • Mage Trader (Destruction trainer)
  • Khajiit Trader (Sneak Trainer)
  • Blacksmith (Smithing Trainer)
  • General Store
  • Trading Hunter
  • Choice of horse outside, and shrines in player home
  • Choice of factional guards

All of the customisable options can be set up in the ‘Etienne’s Workshop’ building, over the river from the Honey Drum Inn. Just select which options you would like using Etienne’s machines and a message will be sent to the reclusive Etienne who will instantly and mysteriously carry out your wishes.

If a button or lever has ‘Option’ in its name then only ONE choice may be selected, and is not changeable after selection. If you wish to ‘try before you buy’ then I would recommend making a save before you select any custom options, and have a good look around after making your choices to be sure you are happy with them.

You can of course have different options in each of your games if you play with multiple characters, but once selected you cannot change your mind in any particular game.


Silverdrift Mine

  • A new quest you can chose to start when you read the investment notice
  • Investment Bounty in the mine
  • Questline to meet all the denizens of Silverdrift
  • A home upon completion of helping the denizens
  • Fully voiced
  • Unique dungeon which is reachable after completing the first quest

Suncrest Hall

  • A quiet retreat
  • Features a garden cavern
  • Unique design
  • Random storage units
  • Unique displays
  • Weapon and Armour racks/holders

Whispering Pines

Multi-Adoption Playerhomes outside the Riften Docks with linked and basic storage, six beds for children, interactive seating, unique design work and a fully functioning kitchen and crafting area.

Cost to build : 500 Firewoods, 150 Nails, 3 Locks and 10 Quarry Stones

Ravenwood Manor

Located down the road from Freyborough, Ravenwood used to be an outfitting area for hunters and travelers. The space was cleaned up and features six beds for children, a basement for followers, crafting outside, a guard, gardner and store owner, linked and safe storage, fully functional kitchen.

Cost to build : 500 Firewoods, 150 Nails, 3 Locks and 10 Quarry Stones

Indary Manor 

Indary Manor is located in the Reach. It has a little guard named Munchkin who spends his time paying his debt to his previous  master who saved him from certain doom. Inside are room for six children, lots of book storage, mannequins, weapon racks and also a journal about the Indary Mine.

Cost to build : 500 Firewoods, 150 Nails, 3 Locks and 10 Quarry Stones

Berkshire Castle


Located near an Interesting Landmark, Berkshire Castle was abandoned by a strange wizard of sorts. The spriggan and wildlife are unpredictable but castle guards still roam the halls. Please don’t ask them to remove their helms…


The Frozen Lady


  • Fight for control of the ship
  • Unique Follower
  • A crew that defends the ship in case of further attacks
  • The ability to plunder
  • Set a feast for your pirates
  • Unique storage units
  • All crafting stations

unknown (1).png



Located in the northern part of the Rift

Heartwood Village


This area was designed after my trip to the Bannock Ghost Town in Montana, US. It was such an amazing town and I really loved my time there, so here it is.

Features  a brand new, fully voiced quest line with unique rewards at the end

Request Boards

Request Boards are set up in each hold to give you new objectives to fulfill. If you do not want to complete a request, you can disown it after reading the letter. Simply push the Request Board activator when you want the quests, then “search” the board after. (note: the engine takes a moment to update when we fill a container, so even if the board reads ’empty’ after activating, you will still find the letters)

Each hold is unique- you will not have to fill Whiterun Hold Requests in the Pale

City of the Ancients

This area has an in depth quest in order to find it

1. Read Help Wanted in your inventory to start at any time
2. Follow the quest marker to find the uncle’s location
3. Follow the clues for the dig sites
4. ???
5. Profit



  • Alchemy
  • Blacksmith
  • Speechcraft
  • Alteration
  • Sneak


  • General
  • Jewelry
  • Blacksmith
  • Magic and Spells
  • Apothecary

Eternium – Player home

  • Mannequins and weapon racks
  • Unique displays for quest items, like claws and amulets
  • A follower who will train you in the art of talking
  • Full lab and crafting stations
  • Library


Situated far north of Dawnstar, you can hail a boat there. There is a key you can purchase for the home which seems to contain a secret….

Load Order

Load right under Divine Cities
All listed incompatibilies from DC also contributes to Villages

This module will always be part of Divine Cities. It was originally intended to be incorporated to DC but I decided to make it modular. It will always be a part of Divine Cities, stop asking for it to be removed.