Villages Additional Information

Aurora by Scarla
Apatoiah by tschutschi
Lyngwi by skoomaface
City of the Ancients by emottaja
Fleetford by tetradite
Suncrest hall by theastroboy
Ravenwood Manor, Whispering Pines and Indary Manor with Berkshire Castle by SuperMegaSuperMega
Silverdrift Mine, The Frozen Lady, On the Heels of Wisdom, Cenoba, Rorikstead changes, navmeshing, proper placement of items and changes to waterflow data to be updated, and request boards all done by Tarshana not to mention blending everything together, creating pop up RPG boxes for more immersion, sound work, scripting, etc
Special thanks to Vader for always inspiring me to achieve great things.
Doc, James and Drak for Testing all of this…so . many. times.
Incompatible Mods Overwrite Information
Moon and Star Edits the same area as Aurora
Project Hippie Adds many things that causes major overlap/stability issues
Compatible Mods Overwrite Information
Arthmoor’s Village mods 100% compatible and no overwrites
Granite Hill by John Rose No issues and recommended to use
Architecture City Texture Mods Compatible. DC does not contain architecture textures so go download something to make the buildings look pretty.
Immersive Citizens Compatible and recommended