Divine Cities

Divine Cities – Premier City Overhaul 

Divine Cities was created with the intention of breathing new life into Skyrim. It adds more NPCs, homes, shops, and decorated items to showcase each region where you are at. In order to capture the entirety of Skyrim, I spent time with Vader, Doc, Chris, Matt, DeusZero, Kojo, Nixeleth, Ender and OldMansBeard in discussing lore and also wandering around the towns and cities myself. A large part of this mod reduces insignificant clutter and transforms it into something useful. You also get outhouses, travelling merchants, followers, scattered player homes that are multi-adoption friendly and more!

Divine Cities Offers:

  • Proper Lighting that turns off and on
  • Multiple types of homes and cabins scattered in Cities and Towns
  • A Logical rebuilding of Winterhold which includes lore-friendly shopps
  • A true harbour in Dawnstar
  • Logical crafting and storage
  • Proper smelters and crafting centres in cities
  • More vendors of variety
  • Zero texture replacers so you can use whatever texture pack you want
  • Lots of out of the box compatibility with other mods
  • Four new followers that are available for marriage support
  • Outlaw Refuges
  • Way Stations
  • Animal Pet Companions
  • City and Village dogs and huskies
  • A magical unicorn so you don’t have to pay for one





Whiterun is the trade Capitol for Skyrim. Centrally located in the heart of a tundra, there was no real fur or leather trader which was insane to me. There should be a vendor that specialised in Hunting and I didn’t think the Drunken Huntsman did a good enough job. And no one ever goes there… because reasons, I guess.

And where are all the people?!! Surely there should be trading vendors and visitors and citizens? I realise that reworking a world space isn’t something to be done willy nilly and I wasn’t about to bring the console to its knees, so when you enable NPCs you will see them talking to each other in small groups.



Soltiude is the largest city in Skyrim and the seat of the High King of Skyrim – it should reflect that. The Market was a wee bit too small to do much with, but I sure as hell took advantage of extra real estate. Of course it would have a bookstore. Books should be an important and rich economic source for a city such as Solitude. Those cold nights would do well with a fire to sit in front of and a book to read.

I also needed a place for my visitors and travellers to hang out. The Winking Skeever didn’t actually have enough room due to other NPCs in the area, so I decided to create another pub. The pub was owned by twins, but one of them died in a freak accident involving ale and matches, so his brother took over. You will also find a nice sized home for sale and some hidden nooks and crannies to explore.


Solitude Warf


The Solitude Warf is an actual warf town inspired by the fact I grew up around warf towns and I mean, there’s a lot of docks. It makes sense- logical sense. You’ll find fish vendors, a fishing hatchery, npcs, warf dogs, dock workers, fishermen and a simple player home.



Riften is located in the largest world space and has so many events going it’s amazing we can ever make it out of there alive in the first 15 minutes. I focused on lighting and adding a few npcs, while keeping decorations to a minimum. You can also find two places to live, or three if you have villages. I also took the liberty in redefining the entrance to make it streamlined with how actual, functional housing operates. Not interested in joining the Thieves Guild? No problem. There’s an Outlaw Refuge waiting to fence your wares.




After 80 years it was high time that Winterhold got over itself and rebuilt parts of it. As the first Skyrim Capitol, it makes no sense for it to be rundown- the Nords don’t tolerate laziness after all. In the last few years a blacksmith opened her shop, and a pair of sibling travellers have a home nearby as well. The town also has walls rebuilt and hopefully, the mages don’t do anything stupid.

But, well, you know how magic goes.




Morthal was quite a challenge. It’s located in a damn marsh and it’s depressing and sad and the people are mad. What’s a lady to do? I figure at some point Morthal should have something to it other than swampy fungal picks, so a blacksmith shop was opened and if you use Villages, there’s a mine nearby to make it more realistic (the mine was going to be part of the original DC but I decided to wait). Morthal also features Murkfrost Gardens, a cozy home with lots of room and a deck where you can light a fire for those chilled evenings, but want to enjoy the outdoors.



Mmm can you smell that? That’s the scent of lavender and death. Falkreath is located near the border of both Cyrodill and Hammerfell making it a sort of blend of people. It seems to be a fairly neutral place to live, although they tend to favour the Empire. Falkreath needed to have its graveyard revamped. It wasn’t big enough for as many people that were buried there and it sure as hell wasn’t spooky enough. So I redesigned the graveyard, added a lot more trees and stumps around it while creating new vegetation and critter spawns.

You’ll also find Pineview Cottage an actual home rebuilt from Whiterun architecture. Why? If you piss off a trader well enough, he’s going to pack up his home, his wares and move somewhere else. He’s passed away and now it’s yours for the right price.





DAWNSTAR SHOULD HAVE BOATS!!! It’s a MAJOR PORT.. So where were they?! No one knows. But now there’s boats and boats with boats…I put enough boats to say YAY port town! without causing extra stress to the console. I also added a lighthouse cuz mmm lighthouses. You can even take a boat to Solitude. Want a cozy cabin? Snowleaf is at the edge of town at the second set of docks and just waiting for a new owner.




Windhelm sucks. There wasn’t a lot to do there so I tried to breathe new life by adding more snowberries and dressing up the House of Curiosities. With so many narrow streets and a lot of crap going on behind the scenes, I decided that less was more. You also get an amazing custom home that’s adoption friendly at the graveyard and there’s a new pub in the Grey Quarter- the Dark Alley owned by a Dunmer barkeep and a giant house in the graveyard!



Markarth has been fun! It’s located at one of the last above-ground Dwemer cities and it’s so damn unique that even in the CK I get lost. I wanted to bring more to it, but I was limited…why? A lot of behind the scenes crap going on. I started small, adding better vegetation and lighting, some travellers/visitors. Lack of proper space and a decent navmesh meant not adding buildings…until recently where you can now enjoy the Markarth Bathhouse and see plenty of citizen homes. These homes are always locked.



Riverwood was in desperate need of a makeover. I wanted to add a lot more logs and trees and stumps and such. And the cabbage cart bothered me. Lumberjacks now work at the lumbermill, Alvor has a new workstation setup and a cart with horse so he can easily get materials to his humble forge. A player home is nestled behind the inn and all the fencing has been redone.




Raven Rock had a little immigration to it. A pioneering couple, Alvyna and Irarnel R’eloth have a farm just outside the docks. They will also rent an Ash Pony for you to get around the Solstheim Island. Alyrella Balulandas runs the Raven Rock Warehouse and will sell various common items.

Ash Ponies roam the island, a hardy stack of ponies that started when a few ran loose from a ship that crashed outside the island. The original five ponies have since set their legacy. They aren’t afraid of anything, will fight for their grazing lands and will even attack human or mer if they wander too close. A Dwemer Water Pump is found outside the docks to provide fresh water for the denizens.

If you decide to pick Severin Manor as your home, you will find several children’s beds to move your family.


Way Stations


Way Station is a fancy way of saying “pit stop” or “rest area.” These were extremely common back in yonder year and modern days there are plenty of areas to stop and stretch and makes sense for Skyrim to have them- especially for being out in the cold! You can stock up on lanterns, torches, candles, eating utensils and sometimes food and clothing.


Outlaw Refuges


The Refuges have been a staple of Tamriel life since the 1st era. Skyrim has always had them, but they were well too hidden. When you find the outlaw refuge mark you know you’ve found a safe haven to rest, fence a few goods and stock up on food, clothing, ale or whatever else the vendors might have in stock. Each refuge is lore-friendly and built from the same architecture as the hold they’re found in. You can also purchase Counterfeit Pardon Edicts to get out of sticky situations.


Load Order

Divine Cities is an area edit mod- you should already know how to place your mods by the Logical Load Order Document.

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Bullet Points:


Riverwood Features –

  • Flora overhaul
  • Full crafting area for Alvor
  • He also has a cart and pony for his deliveries
  • Proper storage for the Riverwood Trader
  • Lumberjacks work the lumber mill
  • The lumber mill has more lumber
  • Homes have been updated with laundry and extra idles
  • Player home added- Riverside Cabin
  • Hidden Easter Eggs

Whiterun –

  • Optional NPCs, Flora and Tree overhaul
  • Mini-parks for the citizens to enjoy
  • Proper Memorial Wall
  • Enhanced guard barracks
  • Expanded Forge and Crafting area
  • Whiterun Fur Trader shop
  • Skyforge Overhaul
  • Heimskr only preaches on the weekends
  • Nice deck area to sit and have a meal at the Bannered Mare
  • More idle marks around
  • Player home, Windcreek, added to the beautiful wind district
  • Hidden easter eggs
  • Outlaw Refuge

Falkreath Features-

  • Graveyard Overhaul
  • Vampire Lair
  • Family Player Home, Pineview
  • Better lumber mill
  • Flora overhaul
  • Crafting area expanded
  • More idle markers
  • Better fencing
  • More farm critters
  • Outlaw Refuge

Dawnstar Features –

  • Townsfolk that enter shops and travel around
  • Expanded docks
  • Seagulls
  • Player home, Snowleaf
  • Prayer temple
  • Docks go to Solitude
  • Flora Overhaul
  • Outlaw Refuge

Solitude –

  • Expanded Crafter’s area
  • More shops- a Boutique, Bakery and Pub
  • Player home, Calbridge Estate
  • Blue Palace Courtyard Overhaul
  • Citizens that walk about
  • Expanded Marketplace
  • Flora overhaul
  • Easter Eggs
  • Outlaw Refuge
  • – Added Warf with expanded docks + Player home

Windhelm Features –

  • Proper Pub with a bed for sleeping
  • Player home, Varlund Estate
  • Overhaul of the flora so it’s less awkward
  • Better graveyard
  • More citizens to walk around
  • Extra bits of lighting for night time
  • Expanded Marketplace
  • Outlaw Refuge

Rorikstead –

  • More livestock
  • Flora overhaul
  • Workshop with a blacksmith and enchanter
  • Player farmhouse, Lokir Homestead
  • Travellers pass through on their way to and fro

Markarth –

  • Flora overhaul to have the same vines you find in Dwemer ruins
  • Marketplace overhaul with added book vendor
  • Player home, Sunforge Retreat
  • Bathhouse
  • Better clutter and idle markers
  • Added housing for citizens
  • Improved Blacksmith area
  • Improved Mines
  • Outlaw Refuge

Winterhold Features –

  • Properly restored- it was once the heart of Skyrim and it beats again
  • Player home, Coldwind Cottage
  • Hold Temple
  • Bookstore
  • Magic Store
  • Blacksmith
  • Medicine Shop
  • Townsfolk and homes
  • Better flora
  • Outlaw Refuge
  • Proper city walls to show the wear and tear of the lore given state of Winterhold

Riften Features –

  • Improved Marketplace
  • Citizens that walkabout
  • Two homes for players
  • Improved flora
  • Better decorations +Idle Markers
  • Outlaw Refuge

Raven Rock –

  • Severin Manor is properly made for multiple adoptions
  • Improved idle markers, options to have a horse
  • Two new vendors
  • Added Ash Ponies (lore-wise they are cannibal ponies that survive by feeding off the fiends that inhabit the island)

Morthal –

  • Blacksmith added
  • Improved entrances to show it’s an actual hold capitol
  • Player home
  • Better flora
  • Better fencing
  • Outlaw Refuge
  • Hold Temple
  • Townsfolk that walk around

Cloud Storage and Auto Sort –

Cloud and Linked Storage– Both DC and DC/V now has cloud and linked storage. Inside every home will be specially marked containers that are linked to another cell- that means less loading for you. Each container will have [Cloud] or [Linked] marked; Linked means the storage you are placing items into will be drawn at the location’s crafting furniture and is also in the cloud and items marked Cloud is non-linked Cloud storage. Please remember- when you go to a crafting station you’re going to have a list of items drawn to your person so it is a good idea to only store the reagents you want to wait for drawing to you. The other option is to use the cloud storage for your items. You have a choice, please utilise that.
APC Followers – You can find ten unique and one hidden unique, animal companions to follow you about the world. Instead of forcing a particular RP into obtaining them, they have a given backstory but YOU, the player can determine what their actual story is and why you have them. If you’re dumb enough to put all elven into a player home then only you have yourself to blame for making your home crash

Way Stations – You will find a way station in Haafingar, The Reach, Whiterun Hold, Eastmarch, The Rift and The Pale where you can stock up on supplies and spin a tale with some of the other travellers there. You’ll also find travellers walk to and from each one

Outlaw Refuges– all holds have an outlaw refuge- not everyone wants to join the Thieves Guild, so these are perfect for any type of player. Each are tailored to look and feel part of the world. Yes, they are lore friendly and part of the Elder Scrolls lore

You’ll find offering boxes at each of the temples in various holds and Raven Rock.

Divine Cities: Villages addon adds to the player’s adventure by adding new adventures and towns- Nithi Ahn Strond, Freyborough, Lyngwi, City of the Ancients and Cenoba to name a few. Please consult my website for further info.