Divine Cities Patch Notes

Release Fáilte LVI

Divine Cities has been utterly overhauled into an even more unique experience. It would behoove you to take a moment, grab some tea, and read through the patch notes. That’s right- BEHOOVE you. You should start this on a new game however, some features might take 2-3 days for your game to update if using on a current save, that’s just the typical cell reset for statics and such (items in chests are not affected). Please don’t report it as a bug as it is not a bug, it’s part of how the Creative Engine operates. New games are obviously not affected. I mean, I say obviously, but I have a feeling someone will be very quick to “report” this to me. THIS IS WHY I SENT A 5 DAY WARNING

Skyrim Municipality Guide – When you enter the game you will be given a special guidebook to all the new homes and nuances Divine Cities has to offer. There’s even hints on hints of hints for random easter eggs. The goal of DC was always to provide a new experience for people and let them discover new things. With that said, I did have to make about 90% of the clutter items into statics to make sure that havoc settles better. That means more items inside the custom chests/wardrobes/dressers/etc to compensate.

I know people who play thief characters enjoy the “thrill” of thieving, but I feel there’s more than enough vanilla vendors to snipe from, but you will find more containers in my custom businesses and some ledgers. At the end of the day, beauty and wonder has to be balanced with logic and practicality. So you have to ask yourself – more random crap to fall and cause crashing? Or… immersive decorations and sacks to rummage through. You will find the containers are labeled as “shipment of…” placed in locations and will respawn. I’ve also included a 1% for ultra rare ‘antiques’ that can be sold/fenced at
a good profit. So for the love of Talos, stop sending me emails that you can’t make enough as a thief!

Updated Vendors – You will now be able to invest 500 gold just like vanilla vendors to increase their given gold amount. Note: vendors that have spouses will share the investment- each of them share a chest but sell different items from each and already have twice the gold to split anyway so it balances out. But you know, you could stop being a pack rat and demanding all the vendors buy all your crap

Updated Inns– Inns now have their own sound files separate from Bethesda’s dead ones. I also increased the inn population and made them more animated. If you use Villages, you’ll notice new songs as well

The Markarth Bathhouse was updated to reflect a more lively atmosphere. You might also notice that the citizens of Markarth tend to congregate there at night instead of Silver-Blood Inn. I have no control over that – they enjoy the Bathhouse more :3

The Dark Alley – Is officially Dunmer based and features a new voice track in the background and Dunmer congregating inside

The Smirking Seal – lots more chatter/people and interactive citizens talking to each other

Markarth – Has a fully functioning and glorious marketplace. I hated the original marketplace but I wasn’t quite sure how or in what way I wanted to expand it. Then one night I was playing and I got struck by inspiration (actually it was a bolt of lighting from DAA, but we won’t talk about how it sent me sprawling into the Abyss). The trigger markers and events for the “Markarth Intro” quest works perfectly and business carries on as usual. Missing vine files have been updated.

Random Idle Markers – Special idle markers for the player have been placed around and inside player homes. These include things such as being able to warm your hands at a fire, or you sit down and will begin to eat. Most place settings will not have food at them until you, a follower, or child, sit down at the table and activate the food. This is to prevent the food from growing moldy. You will notice that standing by a fire to warm your hands, will also allow you to stop warming your hands without jumping to stop the animation. Rather than looping or rotating script to stop the idle, I felt this was a more elegant solution. If you also use Villages, you’ll notice in the patch notes a little something extra for these

Updated Cottages – Cottages/Cabins were updated to be more unique and offer something to every kind of traveler and player. Better storage and more unique clutter/atmospheric items you’ll feel more cozy and at home than ever before.

Windcreek Cottage – you will now manually set the table for you and your guests located at the desert table

Calbridge Estate – Better linked storage handling and you can now set your table manually from the kitchen

Murkfrost – Murkfrost has more interactions than before and a completely revamped kitchen/dining area. The table will set itself when someone sits down at a place. The book area will let you sit and read books. Downstairs you will be able to write out your journal, or various recipes in quiet peace (or angry letters to the Engineer for interfering with homes that have nudey statues in them). If you do not have/want children, the tome of change will remove the outside play deck completely, giving a more bachelor/ette style cabin.

Snowleaf Cottage – My favourite part of Snowleaf cottage is that it was meant for a solitary wanderer, however, it was cramped and without enough proper storage. It also lacked a homey feel that I really wanted for it. The kitchen has been updated to properly stock foods needed to make hearty meals for the frigid north. The main bedroom suite is set up for the proper storage of light, medium and heavy armour. You will also find warm jackets, boots, gloves and hats in the storage facilities so you can travel warmly in the snow. In order to provide proper northern sustenance, mushrooms have been planted inside the cottage so that the warm air from the fire mixed with the humidity needed for snow to fall provides the proper environment to grow these high protein mushrooms. Also, they’re pretty. You can still hide the enchanter’s bench and ignore the move rug activator for the crafting basement
if you do not wish to RP having dug out the basement for yourself.

Sunforge Retreat – Will now properly set the table when someone sits down, clutter has been updated to be less likely to move, otherwise it’s unchanged.

Lokir’s Homestead – some minor decoration updates and interactive seating. The main bedroom has been moved to its own room so walking around is a lot easier. Also this should stop people from emailing me thinking that their npc children can hear them and their spouse making magic at night. Guys. It’s a game… the npcs don’t even have real eyes, let alone ears.

Riverside Cabin– Because it’s one of the first homes the majority of players encounter, I wanted to bring about a more cozy but adventurous side of it. It was inhabited at one point, but the man who owned it got sniped by Bandits (he was using Fatality, obviously) so now it’s yours if you find his dead body (or if you install the mod after clearing Embershard, you can craft the key as if you found it). That means it should have basic amenities stocked, odds and ends, etc. I don’t know where his partner his, but at some point another person lived there, which you can tell when you walk in. Food is set once you sit down and of course you can hide the crafting basement. The bedroom has been enhanced and now has a double bed and plenty of adventuring storage and racks. Also, the kitchen is pretty unique and somehow manages to feature its own water pump

Updated Specialty Shops – Some makeovers were needed for my shops and they are much more polished , interactive and not outrageously stocked.

The adventuring Cloud-Spring sibling home has been cleansed of the poltergiest that was causing wooden bowls to fly around

Rorikstead Workshop – has been updated to properly reflect the kind of business they are, clutter is now static.

Morthal’s Blacksmith interior has been updated to reflect the outside and also renamed to Morthal Outfitters. They sell a bit of this and a bit of that, just like before, however magical items are way more rare. Navmesh was also updated so that during CW battles the soldiers stop trying to go up the stairs… I dunno, maybe they wanted some cheese?

Solitude Boutique’s door is now locked into the house proper. There’s a few reasons for this- one, I needed a better way to block off the area with roombounds and there’s a slight glitch with it still and tbh I’m done mucking with it. So unless you want to go in and steal some static crap, it’s just a place for Old Man Kinsington to sleep. (hint: you can’t steal statics)


Villages has been given a completely new feel and look to it. New locations, new followers and special quests are found inside villages – at no extra space cost to you. Both the Silverdrift Mine and On the Heels of Wisdom Quest will no longer start right away. Both quests now wait until after you do a vanilla start or alternate start to put the letters into your bags, you can read them at any time to start.

Silverdrift Mine – Voice acting has been updated and provided by Doc and Darth. Now your Informational Specialist and Foreman will feel more real. The Silverdrift Cottage comes unfurnished. You will have to talk to Jorina to decorate it. Inside the house will be decorated with statics instead of loose items.. previously the Spirit of Havoc was tossing cheese and wine around. How rude! Miners now have more than one face and the Foreman will wander around the mine as well. The investment strong box contains more than just ore and replenishes once a week. There is an extension to the mine for levels 10+ to rescue a special follower.

Freyborough – This village was once called “Apotoiah” but the mayor croaked and the citizens rebuilt it. The local farmers are widows who work together with their sons to provide crops for the town. You can marry either of them and adopt the children. The famous Freyborough Apple Tree is in full bloom and the local fruit seller will sell you as many as you can carry. The previous farmhouse for sale has been renamed to Windstar. It features a brand new kitchen, interactive place setting and eating and a beautiful view of the Freyborough Apple Tree. You’ll also find the citizens decorate their humble farming village with beautiful lanterns and interactive seating. There is a hidden mystery to uncover if you will do yourself the favour of reading the journal found inside.

Nithi Ahn Strond – loosely translated into “Lunar Sands” or “Lunar Shores,” Nithi is a fully functioning fishing village with its own history. Rumours are that it was once called Aurora, but that’s just silly heresy. You can visit Doc inside her shop and brew potions or ask her to train you in alchemy. The Barbarian, along with his magnificent beard, is available for hire and will provide all the brute force trauma you need to clear bandit camps or draugr crypts. Lunar Lodge is fully equipped to accept six children, although you can hide the door from the main bedroom with the Tome of Change. It features several levels of roomy space perfect for the family soul or adventuring spirit. There are labels over the doors to non-loading doors for each area of the home.

The Frozen Lady has a crew of greater variety and newly placed statics. The ship doorways now have interactive signs so you won’t get lost. Simply look up and you’ll see a text override. I also removed the black and red banners and instead you get pretty white ones or Sovngarde texture sets.

Curkata in Cenoba has been updated with lovely new statics, an improved kitchen and living quarters.

Eternium has been updated and feels more lived in. The kitchen has better decorations and properly assigned linked storage. The laboratory and workshop also have properly marked linked storage. The signs have been replaced with active notifications. This was to conserve space.

Ravenwood has been updated and rearranged with a proper history to explain the farmers and store. The in game guide will tell you more.

Heartwood – this is a brand new village and quest with custom voice acting. Nothing more will be revealed in the patch notes. I expect this storyline not to be spoiled by jerkwads and youtubers. Let people experience this new village on their own. This content IS copyrighted, no Bethesda doesn’t get to own it, it’s mine. Please do not display it that is considered theft. It shouldn’t be such a difficult thing to comprehend, but I have the actual rights to MY derivative works- not you.

Completing this quest will also grant you a special spell book called “Action Moments.” You will be able to use this ability to call upon idle movements when standing – this includes praying, dancing, and even holding up a potion as if you’re a potion vendor. Oh that’s not all – you also get to buy special horses from the hostler which never die and have other unique properties. I have provided my own video to explain how it works WITHOUT spoiling your fun. Enjoy! Note: there is no player home here, you will have to talk to an npc after the quest is over if you want temporary lodgings.

Children’s Blocks – Have been updated with Insanity Sorrow’s textures. They also replace the blocks for Divine Cities that have children’s rooms.

Extras – Since no one’s found it yet, there’s a treehouse in the northern part of the Rift.

Fox Ridge -East of Riften will house a special hunter’s home and adoptable fox, Otheral. Otheral does not count as an animal follower and will follow or sandbox in the area when you talk to him. You can also find Rooster in Nithi Ahn Strond.

Wandering Merchant – Are you a member of the Underworld? If you are in Falkreath or Riften you might have a chance to see a hooded black Khajiit selling speciality wares… (he only sells from 1800 until 0600)


Please note that my Marauders had a HUGE hand in the DC/DCV overhaul. Without them it wouldn’t be as fucking wonderful as it is.

Doc, Kojo, Rooster, DZ and Darth all gave me their voice even though they have busy lives
Chris made some AMAZING books that you will ALL LOVE (if you don’t, you suck)
Otheral was a total gem letting me use him as a follower and we gave his dogs, Muffin and Ben a place in the game even though their spirits have gone on.
And Rooster let me make him into a cock follower, I mean come on??
And Red was there to remind me that it’s not fun to have crashing issues, so all those optimisations I did with Whiterun (hiding more crap and making better NPCs) were from the hours of him trying to find the problem
Kojo has his follower, Kwadwo, as winning a contest of finding easter eggs
WL Blade has his follower, Wylon Leorianne ,for the Divine Skins contest
DZ broke everything so I could fix it
Barbarian was totally cool with me making him into a hireling with a magnificent beard. Like seriously, go see it!
Ender’s ideas from Indary spilled over into other homes, so a lot of ideas came from him
Vader never lets up on the realism and immersion aspect so I don’t go overboard
And my Spawn did some really cool shite with her Fable-esque ideas

So when you play DC and DCV know that they’re a part of it.


Release Fáilte L

Improved Carriage System

Note: no other carriage system will be compatible with Divine Cities due to the overhaul.

The Engineers of Skyrim put their heads together to overhaul the infrastructure of Skyrim. Four major holds were without a carriage driver, and the others were being too lazy to stop at other areas. This has now changed! Morthal, Falkreath, Winterhold and Dawnstar all have a carriage driver. The drivers for Falkreath, Winterhold and Morthal have a little tent to rest at, but the Dawnstar driver walks into town to rest. Carriage drivers will now take you to all major holds and the little towns along the way. The dialogue has been changed to the Hold – Straight to the Capitol – or Stop Along the Way. In order to pay for these new services, the cost of smaller towns are 100 Septims and the major holds are 50 Septims. Because the major holds subsidize the cost of carriages, it costs less.

White Lily Pads – now decorate various waters. This was put in by request from Rooster and I chose to honour it. Credit to the Hodmir Flower Team for creating these modders’ assets.

Shadowlock Base – Riften

While I like the idea of a hideaway ship, I’m not as impressed with it as I’d like to be – out of all the city homes, the Hidden Grotto is my one “failure.” Until I tidy it up, I bring you: Shadowlock Base.

After completing “Meet the Family” and speaking with Delvin Mallory and Vex, you will be able to “build” the Shadowlock Base at the forge. Requirements: 5 Fitting Iron, 50 firewood, 10 Corundum Ore, 15 Gold Ingots and 50 Iron Ingots. You will find after “building” the home that you have a place to put all of your Thieves Guild items, two beds for followers, a cooking and baking station, an alchemy lab and crafting storage that is linked to the Riften Crafting Station at the Blacksmith’s. It has plenty of storage and bookshelves. Located on the lower level under the Black-Briar Manor.

Solstheim – Has now been utterly revamped. Solstheim now has Ash Pony herds around the island and there is a Dwemer Water Pump Station near the docks that creates fresh water. You can turn it on when you need it, but please turn it off when finished so you don’t waste water.

Until now Raven Rock has been a shell of its former self; however, some Dunmer Pioneers have made their way to Raven Rock to breathe some new life into the area. Alvuyna and Irarnel R’eloth are a husband and wife team who have created two new species of vegetation that survive the volcanic eruption- Ashshade and Soot Blooms. Ashshades are similar to their Nightshade cousins, but have no strong scent with them. Soot Blooms are a special kind of fungus that feeds off decaying Ash Yams so that even if they cannot be eaten, they can be recycled into a new plant. You can visit Alvuyna during the day in her humble outdoor shop, or her husband, Irarnel, while he tends to his fields to purchase these items. You will also find a new Volcanic Ash Stew recipe at your cook pot. You will also find they have provided an Ash Pony, Ember, to ride around.

Severin Manor is now adoption friendly and features auto sort chests, a crafting oven, less hay bales and a place to display your dragon priest masks. This house is best obtained after “It’s All In The Taste.” Please take heed: if you have this home already, empty out the chests before updating DC – while I kept most of the chest intact, a couple I repurposed.

Murkfrost (Morthal) – Has been aesthetically updated to be the “garden in the swamp” home I have envisioned it. Exterior and interior design has been revamped. Morthal now features Marsh Flowers in place of mountain flowers.

All other homes have been refitted to have more static food items and less clutter that can fall around. Children now have “blocks” to play with- basically Dwemer cubes but I’m sure you can pretend they are buildy blocks. Right? Right.

Whiterun has updated flora and the fire festival ropes have been removed from the market – it has been reported that certain meshes with overkill polygons or funny collision is causing problems, so the market had to be toned down a bit . The citizens also have new packages to stop cluttering up the area. Dragonsreach is still untouched.

Release Fáilte XLIX

Welcome back to Divine Cities! This patch introduces new linked storage and crafting. Read on!

Divine Cities now features linked storage in *most* player homes. Some exclusions apply based on location/space available. Every chest will now take your items and store them alphabetically; once you are at a crafting station inside your home OR in the general city, you will have auto access to your storage. That means you can dump your items and go to the crafting station nearby and not have to tote stuff back and forth. This will alleviate backpack limitations.

Rorikstead – Now has a Workshop for trading and creating items. Opens at 8 am

Linked Storage Homes

Windcreek Cottage (Whiterun) – All storage inside the cottage is now linked to the basement. If you are outside in WR and forgot to craft something, Farengar’s Enchanting Font, Arcadia’s Cauldron and the Warmaiden’s workstations will access your storage units. Storage units are now unlinked to the purchasing of the home upgrades so that you can have storage if you are short on cash. Note that the satch floats on purpose. I dn’t want to change the container and have you lose items when updating. Once you buy the alchemy station it will look normal

House Varlund (Windhelm) – Now has a proper enchanting station and alchemy lab as befitting an estate. There is a linked storage cabinet that will work outside at the crafting area near the market

Sunforge Retreat (Markarth) – Linked chests are active in the hidden Dwemer crafting room

Lokir Homestead (Rorikstead) The kitchen activator cooking will require your food on you, but the cookpot is linked to your food stores. The new Rorikstead Workshop is linked to the new Crafting Storage unit in your home, which will store all crafting materials plus soul gems. The Alchemy lab is linked to the satchel on the desk

The Hidden Springs Grotto (Riften) is self contained inside and outside with linked storage into the Ship itself

Riverside Cabin (Riverwood) has unhidden storage now which is linked to Alvor’s stations, however the alchemy and enchanting lab are linked but locked until purchase

Snowleaf Cottage (Dawnstar) Now has linked storage- a crafting storage chest is in the hidden basement and links to the Dawnstar Crafting Center

Murkfrost Gardens – Is fully linked except the hand-made mortal and pestle activator. You can use the crafting storage there which links to the Morthal Blacksmith’s Crafting Center

The Hidden Lair (Falkreath) now has linked storage for the alchemy and enchanting lab inside. Crafting storage is now linked to the Falkreath workshop stations

Coldwind Cottage (Winterhold) has fully linked storage and some new decorations. The inside craftin storage chest now links to the Winterhold Metalworks Crafting Center

Calbridge Estate (Solitude) has fully linked alchemy, enchanting and cooking storage. There is a crafting storage in the armoury that links to the Solitude blacksmith workstation area

Just to reiterate – Other homes that have custom activators will not have linked storage due to restrictions of the CK. I wanted to allow people to bake or mash up flowers without putting in giant stations so this will have to suffice until I find a work around

Happy Gaming :)

Version Release Fáilte XLVIII
All NPCs now have proper crime factions on them. I made the lumberjacks in Riverwood uber beefy because of you meaniefaces that keep killing them. THEY JUST WANT TO CHOP WOOD!!! Updated some compatibility with IC, but with some other changes a patch will come out for some idle markers that are added by IC

Version Release Fáilte XLVII
Rorikstead Farmstead msg fixed. All DC added pubs have interior ambient tavern chatter in the evenings

Version Release Fáilte XLVI
Fixed the Markarth Orc adventurer. Fixed the triangle issue in the WR city home. You can actually purchase the Rorikstead farmhouse key now :3 Windhelm has a new pub!! Thanks to Doc Alva, The Dark Alley is now open for business- located in the grey quarter- as such all custom NPCs will no longer frequent the other pubs since they have a “home” now.

Version Release Fáilte XLV
Fixed some issues with the WR home – it now has a Tome of Change on the desk and you can repurpose the children’s room into a green house. Murkfrost in Morthal is now adoption friendly, or you can repurpose the children’s room into a cut off zone and just have a cozy garden cottage. Rorikstead has a new player home that was repurposed from Villages – it’s purchaseable for 10k Septims and includes chickens, cows and plots. Adoption friendly. Falkreath’s Hidden Lair now allows for followers to follow you- push the grave aside and there is a trap door now. All settlements now have proper farmhouse fences.

Version Release Fáilte XLIV
I have completely redesigned about everything.

Pleaste note- that last CC update seems to have wrecked its own master files- it is suggested to write down your LO in its perfect state, delete all mods, delete the game and reinstall. Add your mods in and organise by your LO and then perform a hard reset (power cycle your XB for 10 seconds). This should force update the master files to retain its proper records and stop the random crashing people are dealing with.

Nordships have been removed and replaced by in-game models. Due to the fact these ships took up 15mb of space and were only in a few areas, I decided to remove them. I added more boats around Dawnstar , Morthal and Solitude to compensate. tldr; removed unnecessary textures

In order to facilitate the massive X update, I’ve revamped the Whiterun Gardens. Previously I had disabled the dead trees/thickets around to add in flowers, instead these have been restored and changed into flowers, which allowed me to remove 100 of my own edits. On top of that I removed another amount of “tundra shrubs” and spread out the remaining flora to accomadate “stressed” systems. tldr; I made Whitereun great again

Markarth has a bathhouse and several more homes! The Markarth Bathouse features a male and female soaking pool, although you are welcome to go into either regardless of gender. Note: followers will undress automatically but you need to remove your own armour. Locked homes decorate various empty places – you can’t go in because the homeowners don’t want you to and have super secret Dwemer tech locks on them. Lighting updated. A bookseller cart is now in the marketplace. tldr; go bathe naked with your followers in Markarth

Version Release Fáilte XLII/III
Windcreek Cottage in WR is now multiple adoption friendly – up to 4 beds :)

Riverwood- completely overhauled with lumberjacks! They chop wood and work around the mill during the day and at night head to the Sleeping Giant Inn for songs, drinks and rest. The Riverside Cottage has been updated with better navmeshing, a little fenced garden and proper landscaping. By request, Alvor now has a horse and carriage for his goods and a smelter by his blacksmith workshop tldr; Riverwood is smashing

Riverside Cottage now requires you to pay to upgrade the basement – after all, it was some poor sap’s home and he never got to finish it

Falkreath – revamped flora and better navmesh pathing for NPCs. The Hidden Lair has been updated. Due to restrictions within the CK, it is a PC teleport only but if you have a teleport spell on your followers you can bring them with you

Soltiude- East Trading Company has been updated again with more items suitable for a trading company. Why was it so barren before???

Windhelm has a brand new player home that is vampire friendly (you can sleep in the bed as though it were a coffin) and offers 4 adoptable beds if you like that sort of thing. A future update will feature an ability to turn off the children’s beds for follower ones instead. You can craft the key at the forge

Release Fáilte XLII/XLIII
Solitude has been redesigned with a proper palace courtyard

Fixes to interior designs on homes – prices are all increased to keep up with the overstock flow of Skyrim’s economy

New Home in Morthal! Requires you to “build” the key at the forge (this is to reduce script usage in typical “BYOH” Hearthsfire homes

Windcreek Cottage has a surprise under the cellar now and in order to have a fully finished basement you have to pay for the upgrades. Note: If you upgrade a station and then try to upgrade again, it will disappear. Only do ONE upgrade at a time.

Riften’s marketplace has been revamped

Riften’s hideaway now has bandits you need to remove in order to live there

Hidden places in WR and Solitude for simple rest areas if you don’t want to purchase the homes

Wandering Merchants are now around Skyrim

Mostly fixed the lighting in Markarth for super dark nights but the central marketplace always has a couple minor flickers when the guards bust out their torches

Added special easter eggs all over :)

(hint, you get outhouses)

Version Release Fáilte XLI
Redesigned all the added NPCs such as the visitors, plus grabbed various bethesda made NPCs adventurers to liven it up. Over 40 hours tested with this mod and zero issues. While NPCs will be more unique they ARE in leveled lists and at times might seem to “twinsie” but that should be fewer than before. There’s a lookout point above the WR guardhouse- ladder to go up, trap door to drop down. Skyforge got a facelift. Added vegetation around smaller towns. Next up: Solitude

Version Release Fáilte XXXX
Front line redesign. Lots of changes to streamline incoming updates. Completely reworked the navmeshes and removed every edit around DR for the X to stop crashing. Any crashing is a result of Bethesda’s crap updates and not my mod.

Version Release Fáilte XXXIX
Updates on the book seller in Solitude and under the hood tweaks for upcoming mods. When updating remember that the console puts mods to the bottom. You MUST place DC back where it was. No exceptions, this is true for all mods.

Version Release Fáilte XXXVIII
Removed extra veggies from the market for all the people who say it causes lag. Reverted changes back about 10 updates then manually added back statics and lamps to bring it up to visual excellence. Lighting has been re-adjusted to help with both super dark or super bright night weather mods.

Version Release Fáilte XXXVII
Skyforge got another facelift. More idle markers for Eorlund and tools and such set up around to be more professional. The safe storage chest is for the PC located at the armour workbench and will not respawn.

Version Release Fáilte XXXVI
Fixed an issue with a rock and Divine Forests – both of which are being updated. (PS- the rock was causing my NPCs to try and walk through them in rare occurrences while going to an idle marker)

Version Release Fáilte XXXV
Forcing another update for the super rare crash 2 people had.

Version Release Fáilte XXXIV
Under the hood tweaks for an upcoming addon

Version Release Fáilte XXXIII
Updated some homes, outside decorations, Riverside Cabin in Riverwood won’t reset the food barrels (which were vanilla) and were swapped out for more safer storage (even though that already existed). Some changes to the Solitude bookshop and other merchants to prevent thievery

Version Release Fáilte XXXII
Calvin died so his twin brother Belvin took over

Version Release Fáilte XXXI
Fixed a WR home that lost its foundation. Increased the prices of for sale homes by 2x to be more realistic.

Version Release Fáilte XXX
Updated Riften lighting. Added stuff to Windhelm. Gave better clothing to ppl in Windhelm. Did stuff with citizens, renamed some to travelers yadda.

Version Release Fáilte XXIX
Braith set the Battle-Born bench on fire and a mage from Winterhold was visiting nearby and instead of putting it out, accidentally made it a permanent, non hostile fire. Winterhold College was contacted and Ancanto took his sweet time getting to Whiterun to put it right again. The bench was replaced by a local carpenter

Version Release Fáilte XXVIII
Whiterun got a makeover. I got some ideas, talked it out with some friends and now Whiterun is glorious. Garden users will have to wait for an update from GT – do not report “clipping” because without him there’s little I can do. Markarth got a massive lighting update. The Dawnstar shack now has a button to hide the enchanting table. Riverwood cottage has the ability to hide the crafting basement so you can feel more manly roughin it.

Version Release Fáilte XXVII
Updated the lanterns with no candles – the flames were still attached. WR has more braziers around for nights that are super dark. Improved Jorvaskr lighting, improved WR lighting, Improved Rift lighting, Improved Riverwood, Morthal, Dawnstar, etc, lighting

Version Release Fáilte XXVI
Redid more weapon racks. I dunno what happened so I’ll blame Bethesda since I didn’t even touch them the last time. Turned off comments. The LO placement is specific in the description page, you are responsible for reading it. It’s been my birthday this past week and the comments keep going downhill so I’m saving myself eyerolls and eating cake instead. Added 26 new easter eggs for you guys to find. Have fun, good luck!

Version Release Fáilte XXV
Removed Jameson’s dopplegangers from WR. Fixed a couple weapon racks. I dunno why they gotta be so testy!

Version Release Fáilte XXIV
Solitude has a new pub (The Smirking Seal), citizens and visitors enjoy visiting in the evening. Riften hideaway has been expanded. Fixes to some of the weapon racks. Improved WR market clutter. Improved Riften flora. More Citizens and Visitors that wander around. Whiterun Windcreek home now displays a note that disappears after you read it.

Version Release Fáilte XXIII
Forgot my custom lanterns in the packing : (

Version Release Fáilte XXII
Read these notes or you will lose items. Updated; Weapon racks now properly activate (Thanks Kherlis), more weapon racks and items added to Calbridge Estate. Underground storage at the Dawnstar home (move the rug to find it). More weapon plaques everywhere! Book storage is now restricted, as are some other storage units so please remove those items and store inside your personal chests before updating. Failure to read this and follow directions will result in me being unable to help you.

Version Release Fáilte XXI
Updated some packages. Did some other things. Vistors will respawn if you kill them and are on factions so you’ll go to jail if you do.

Version Release Fáilte XX
Riverwood now has a player home- Riverside Cabin. You need to find the key from the Unlucky Adventurer inside Embershard Mine (at the exit).

Version Release Fáilte XIX
The Winterhold Blacksmith has the proper merchant faction to sell items now. Also, stop stealing her food. Gosh.

Version Release Fáilte XVIII
Under the hood fix

Version Release Fáilte XVII
Since the Riften hidden home hadn’t been found yet, I moved it next to the keep behind a tree. Should be easier. Updated the packages for some of the visitors and they should be more lively. Have fun : )

Version Release Fáilte XVI
Adjusted a few NPC’s and gave the fur traders a better disposition for bartering.

Version Release Fáilte XV
Under the hood changes for the Dawnstar boat in a future update. One particular tree, owned by the Khajiit Caravan, has been moved back to its location outside of Dawnstar. The Khajiit were not amused it with being moved .0001 on the z axis.

Version Release Fáilte XIV
Updated Falkreath to have lanterns, other small fixes :)

Version Release Fáilte XIII
Under the hood fixes. One of the WR visitors has a name ;) The Winterhold Blacksmith should stop locking her door in the wrong hours.

Version Release Fáilte XII
Fixed Morthal’s lights but some NPC packages are still stupid. I have a tester for that.

Version Release Fáilte XI
Fixed a bump in the road at Dawnstar that drove me bananas. Added a couple more clutter items in Solitude. Fixed a potential issue that might cause the trigger event for Battle Born or whatever his name is and Adrianne to not talk. Thanks for the heads up Ryan : )

Version Release Fáilte X
Completely fixed all the funny walls from the CK shader stuff. Fixed the roads better in Dawnstar, the guards have a nicer path to take at the top of the arch.

Version Release Fáilte IX
Solitude has dynamic lighting outdoors. Fixed a marker for wall leaning in Whiterun, adjusted Dawnstar entrance, adjusted some of the walls that refused to handle snow shaders. Completely compatible with or without Magical Winterhold College

Version Release Fáilte VIII
I over cleaned my mod *cough* sorry. The funny landscape glitch by Dawnstar is fixed.

Version Release Fáilte VII
Fixed one of my wall lean markers, more of the visitors have different voice types and fixed the gaping wound in Dawnstar. Claralux is now full compatible- Lanterns of skyrim is half compatible, ELFX is not.

Version Release Fáilte VI
adding brand new lanterns without candles for the day time. No more naked posts!

Version Release Fáilte V
Swapped around a few things. Under the hood fixes. Remember to update while inside a building before exiting.

Version Release Fáilte IV
Fixed the lighting scrip. For some reason the archiver requires the properties /backend script. I dunno. Just go with me here. Do a disable/restart, update and that should fix any strange lights not going off. Edit: pls note these scripts do not cause bloat. It simply turns the lights on and off based on the time in your game. They just have to be forced to update your game time on loading and I found this to be the best practice for XB1. Also note that the stupid script has to use the update time feature, updating indoors is best, or going inside somewhere and coming back out so the game registers what time it is.

Version Release Fáilte III
Backend update.

Version Release Fáilte II
Added new packages to WR visitors. Force updating a foundation that is not appearing for some systems.

Version Release Fáilte
This is not compatible with ELFX because it edits too much and I have no plans to chase down 15 different patches for it. A Claralux version is in the works for now disable it and you can use my timed lighting instead.