Divine People Compatibility




Not Compatible

Seraphim Body Replacer More hair colour packs of any kind
Divine Skins with or without Beast Races Vanity or makeup kits
Vitruvia Bijin
The Kids Are Alright (TKAA) – recommended if you want a different look, load below DPOS Redesigned males or females
Immersive Citizens Any preset mod
AFT – Load above DPOS Imperious – already included with Celestial and not compatible with base DPOS
Character Creation Overhaul (CCO) Recommended Any “npc” overhaul
Hallgarth’s Hairs – place above Hair textures – already included
Andromeda or Aurora Standing Stones Hair packs – if you need more than 100 hairs you’re doin it wrong
Teldryn makeover mods- place under Brows or beards – I got you covered
Serana mods – place under Better Dressed- already does it
True Hybrid needs this patch: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/skyrim/mod-detail/4059970 RUNP – has racial sliders that will not work
Extra hair packs – place above EEO contains too many changes to patch, furthermore DPOSC has its own elven chargen files
Beauties of Skyrim
Blink mods- already included
Opposite gender animations – already included
Voice sets – already included