Divine People All in One Celestial Variant includes the Imperious race mod by Enai Saian. Enai has graciously allowed for open source use of his mod. Each race now has three passives and a special quest to  unlock a fourth power.


Elven Supremacy: Skills are more effective upon reaching skill level 100.

Gold and Glass: When low on Magicka or Stamina, it regenerates faster at the cost of reduced armor and magic resistance.

Shimmering Threads: Weapons and armor are weaker, but enchantments are stronger. Quest reward – Pluck 40 wings off butterflies to unlock…

Contingency: At will – Weave spells into an auto-cast trigger with specific conditions.


Amphibious: Become harder to detect and move faster after swimming.

Histborn: Rapidly regenerate Health, Magicka or Stamina below a threshold.
Marsh Dweller: Swim much faster and breathe underwater.

Quest reward – Loot 4 underwater chests to unlock…Caustic Spit: 1/day – Spit a corrosive jet that reduces armor and magic resistance.


Green Pact: Ritually eat the corpses of the dead, gaining a percentage of their attributes.

Harrier: Spirit bird marks animals to kill for bonus loot or weakens your enemies in battle.

Wild Senses: Detect moving targets in a large radius by standing still when sneaking.

Quest reward – Hunt 10 animals indicated by Harrier to unlock…Beast Tongue: 1/day – Call to a nearby predator, making it a permanent ally until released.


Grail of Betony: Find a lost artifact that grants Magicka and Stamina regen.

Spell Mantle: Resistance to magic, and absorb most incoming spells at low Magicka.

Stones of Galen: Each standing stone grants its own bonus effect.

Quest reward – Discover 10 standing stones to unlock…Shared Ancestry: 1/day – Temporarily gain the racial power of a target man or mer.


Ancestral Guardian: Expend some Spirit Favor to grant a spirit shield in combat.

Ashborn: Resistance to fire, increased while Ancestral Guardian or Spirit Walk are active.

Whispers: The ancestors mark targets to slay, granting more loot and Spirit Favor.

Quest reward – Slay 10 victims indicated by Whispers to unlock…Spirit Walk: 1/day – Expend some Spirit Favor to summon random invulnerable Ancestors.


Discipline: In combat, nearby allies gain bonus armor and attack damage.

Imperial Virtues: Randomly gain bonus Health, Magicka or Stamina when entering combat.

The Human Spirit: At levels 10/20/30, you may change your attributes/resistances/skills.

Quest reward – Complete 20 quests for the people of Skyrim to unlock…Colovian Star: 1/day – Replenishes the two attributes with the highest remaining percentage.


Feline Agility: Move faster, and sprint much faster at the cost of more Stamina.

Prowl: Sneak silently and perform power leaps while sneaking.

Rawlith Khaj: Claw power attacks deal bonus damage based on your Stamina.

Quest reward – Acquire 50000 lifetime gold to unlock…Perception: At will – Improves night vision and dampens non-essential sounds.


Daughter/Son of Skyrim: Resistance to frost, increased while Avatar is active.

The Purge: At levels 10/20/30, choose a race to deal bonus damage to.

Warrior’s Heart: In combat, deal more damage as Health decreases.

Quest reward – Rediscover Skyrim’s past by clearing 8 dungeons to unlock…Avatar: 1/day – Grants very fast Magicka and Stamina regeneration for a short time.


Bloodlust: When entering combat, move and regenerate faster; decays over time.

Shockwave: Once per battle, jump up and down to cause an earthquake.

Strength of Steel: Weapons and armor are stronger, but enchantments are weaker.

Quest reward – Stagger 150 enemies with Shockwave to unlock…Berserk: 1/day – Improves weapons and spells for a short time. May activate randomly in combat.


Dust Storm: Killing humanoids briefly improves weapons and spells.

Nomadic Heritage: Resistance to disease, and infinite Stamina out of combat.

Tenacity: Increased Magicka and Stamina regeneration at low Health.

Quest reward – Win 30 battles by slaying 3 or more people to unlock…Red Sand Dance: 1/day – Greatly slow time while sprinting for a short time.