Divine Skins and Bodies

Men are handsome
Women are alluring
This is Skyrim…eat your heart out



Nord Female

This mod combines UNP meshes and special skins for the ladies. Comes with soft velvet panties and bra. Arms are firm,  not overly muscular. Hips are wide with ample buttocks, proper waist proportions and a nicely defined abdomen.


Nord Male Warpaint

For gentlemen I have new meshes to bring out more manly proportions. Comes with soft cotton dyed emerald green. Arms and legs are well defined with proper pectoral and abdomen muscles.



This skin pack was specifically created for XB1 users. It features all new textures and special meshes for both men and women. Elves have softer faces and Orcs are more balanced.

Orsimer Female


Human races are truly unique and defined. Khajiit and Argonians have real scales and fur.

Argonian Male


Meshes –
UNP Female Meshes – body, feet, hands
Male Meshes – body, feet, hands

Better shaped open shoes/sandals for men and women

Altmer Female


**Female UNP Custom Body, head, hands, feet and normals – covers all races
**Male Manly body, head, hands, feet and normals – covers all races
***Mer – Mer folk have been softened but keep their original concept art style
**Argonian male and female textures – Now with more scale definition
**Khajiit male and female textures – They are striped kittehs!
**All Vampires

Dunmer Female Warpaint

Scars – these scares are truly unique and offers specific pink toning to match your characters skin for a realistic scar

Tintmasks (makeup, dirt and freckles) – you cannot use other makeup mods it won’t work (Tintmasks includes makeup and dirt splatters)

Warpaints in better definition and more detailed as paint

You can read about how I made them here: https://bethesda.net/community/compose?p=/community/topic/62719/tarsh-s-workflow-pt2-see-what-i-have-completed-request-a-mod-here/154

This mod will not conflict with other mods unless they edit out anything above. If you use this with another texture replacer there will be issues and it won’t be my issue, but yours.

Redguard Male Warpaint

Only use ONE skin mod at a time. People reporting that this “works” with other skin mods are not paying attention to how mods operate when loaded.

This mod does NOT alter NPC face features and is compatible with NPC overhauls that do NOT include skin mesh and/or textures. That said, you AND NPCS do get the skin meshes and textures.

If you have a “neck seam” please perform a hard reset. This is a known console issue that has nothing to do with the mod

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