Divine Atmosphere: Aetherius

Fantasy and Realism Defined

Why seek to change the weather when you can reinvent it? Every morning and every evening you see the molecules and particles change the direction of the light rays causing them to change colour and thus give us sunrises and sunsets of stunning colour. In a world of magic those molecules are amplified into something enchanting. Enjoy the richest, darkest evenings by which auroras dance in different colours, where Masser and Secunda seem so big you could touch them. Welcome, to a Divine Atmosphere.

Welcome to a New Atmosphere

DAA not only seeks to give you beautiful and every changing weathers, the weathers are tied and matched by the different regions to blend seamlessly when travelling. Snowy regions aren't unkind towards clear days and when the clouds do snow down, the snow itself reflects the unique nature of snowflakes bringing you fractal, realistic, immersive snow to melt on the tip of your nose. Tunda weathers are covered in clouds more than rain, while the forested areas can become dense with thick fog. But what good would a weather mod be if the water didn't match? Therefore water has been given a facelift with proper textures, giving you gorgeous waterways with area edit compatibility so you don't have to worry about water seams.

  • + Atmospheric weathers have been handcrafted to bring a unique experience.
  • + Sunsets and Sunrises can range anywhere from purple to peach, red to orange, yellow to pink.
  • + Nights are truly dark and reflect the moon cycle properly
  • + Snowy regions at night have an etheral glow just like real life
  • + Days are different from each other with various cloud coverage and various blue skies based on region.
  • + Evening sounds includes wolves
  • + Daytime sounds include birds and insects
  • + Interior rain sounds are present
  • + Brand new thunder sounds! No more boring or flat sounds
  • + Six different lightning effects including forked lightning that can hit anything
  • + New rain sounds
  • + New rain textures
  • + New water textures
  • + Different foggy weathers
  • + Unique storms
  • + 7 new presets to customise your experience- some are better for picture taking only
  • + 2 rain sound sliders for interior and exterior rain sounds


Enjoy the beauty of a Divine Atmosphere

This gallery was pieced together by the Marauders themselves on console.
None were post-rendered or edited


  • + Not compatible with other weather mods.
  • + Water mods are redundant.
  • + Not compatible with regional sound mods as DAA has that covered.
  • + Sounds of Skyrim from Arthmoor is okay. Place above into the Audio Section of the LLO
  • + Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul is okay
  • + Quieter Dungeons is okay


This mod would not be possible without Vader; he helped me design the storms so they would be on par with what we expect in real life and our fantasy life. He also helped with pushing me for the interior rain sounds so thank him for that.

Thank you, Marauders, for all the testing help.

Tools used: xEdit, Photoshop . Brushes included are from Shadow's Brush Set, Rain and Stars, Glass Brushes