Divine Interiors

Adaptive Lighting and Shadowplay

There are two main options for Divine Interiors: the original and Shadows and Light. The original updates the base game with adaptive lighting, handplaced smoke for candles and better lighting templates. S&L takes it a step further with darker dugneons, better dust motes that float in the air, logical mist and sunbeam placements and, of course, torchier torches.


+ Divine Interiors does not touch the vanilla player homes or College of Winterhold so that players can use Magical College of Winterhold by sable
+ Shadows and Light does not touch the vanilla player homes + Thieves Guild for people who use TG overhauls
+ The Creative Engine is really old and even in vanilla you can find "flickers" in first person if you look for them. For Dragonsreach enter in third person and stop pointing your camera around looking for the flicker. Don't believe it's there in base game? Start a vanilla game and see it for yourself.
+ Markarth will have torch flickers when using a lighting overhaul that makes Markarth dark at night. This is true for vanilla game, too.



+ Not compatible with other lighting overhauls
+ Other interior overhauls will need to be placed under.
+ In severe cases of doubling up on interior overhauls crashing will occur if another mod tries to delete a reference that is being accessed by Divine Interiors. This is a dirty edit and mods with dirty edits should be avoided.