Divine Skins

This module contains body meshes and the skins to cover those meshes for the male and female genders of all races. Thicker body hair was given to men and both genders have defined muscle structure. By creating unique meshes for men and women, it eliminates the problematic "seams" that occur because the head, hands and feet are separate meshes. Argonians and Khajiit are also overhauled but you can use the pack that separates them out if you prefer another beast skin pack.


  • UNP-based Female Meshes – body, feet, hands
  • Male Meshes – body, feet, hands
  • Better shaped open shoes/sandals for men and women

  • Female UNP Custom Body, head, hands, feet and normals – covers all races
  • Male Manly body, head, hands, feet and normals – covers all races
  • *Mer – Mer folk have been softened but keep their original concept art style
  • Argonian male and female textures – Now with more scale definition
  • Khajiit male and female textures – They are striped kittehs!
  • All Vampires
  • Scars – these scars are truly unique and offer specific toning to match your character's skin for a realistic scar
  • Tintmasks - these deifine makeup, dirt and freckles and are body specific. Does not change the colour of them, only the overlay so they match



Do not use with other mods that do the same thing
Yes this is compatible with Divine People Overhaul


+Thanks to my Marauders for all the testing
+ Nuska, for her guide about normal maps
+The University Computer Robotics department for letting me use their 3D scanner
+Photoshop, Zbrush, Max3DS and Body Slide for blending and model making