Fatality Load Order

Load Order

While in theory Fatality would fall under what we would class as Gameplay Mechanics – Combat, the changes it brings about are so vast that, in this particular case, it is wiser to place it below in your Load Order. On our LO thread you will be able to find a reference template.

Depending on your Load Order, Fatality can fall under the AI Tweaks / Alterations for NPCs section. Remember that there is never one-size-fits-all when it comes to load orders, and ultimately, you need to use common sense and see if something in your own LO is overwriting any of Fatality’s features. This would mainly affect changes Fatality does outside of the scope of the Configuration Menu (most of your menu choices should take effect regardless of your LO).


In the link below you will find a detailed list of most mods relevant to Fatality’s features and their compatibility status, but you can find some general guidelines below.

Combat related and NPC AI mods

As a general rule of thumb, most mods affecting combat or NPC AI and stat changes are not recommended to be used with Fatality, because they will overlap partially or even completely. The exceptions are listed in the next tabs.

Potion mods

At this point, most mods that touch potions in ANY way – including meshes and texture mods – will have some sort of conflict with Fatality. The exceptions are listed in the next tabs. Our thanks to RebelAlliance for testing this.

Creature / Enemy mods

These will have to be assessed on a case by case basis, depending on what the mod does, how it interferes with vanilla NPCs and how it injects new NPCs into the world.

Movement / Range Mods

These types of mods will mostly either be completely redundant with Fatality or compatible due to affecting unrelated things in the game.