Fatality Update Notes

Version 2.1

– Bug fixes related to menu configuration values and leveled lists;

– Mage NPCs had some of their values changed to keep them from becoming unfairly OP, thus leveling the playing field – this was an issue in vanilla, not caused by Fatality, but one we felt we needed to address for the sake of logic;

– Player now unable to equip bandages or curatives while in combat. Attempting to do so will result in: 1) losing the item; 2) unequipping the piece of armor that was applied to the body part you tried to heal. For more info on this read under First Aid in the main section.


Version 2.0


– Introduced Parrying;

– Implemented a system that will block you from swapping any armor, clothing or jewelry while you are locked in combat. This was done from a logical standpoint and to simulate the actual passing of time, as if makes no sense that your character is able to actually swap cuirasses, robes, boots, etc whilst engaged in battle. Due to scripting limitations, you are still able to unequip whatever piece you click on, but you will not be able equip anything in its place – or even reequip the same piece – until combat is over. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to do this mid combat and plan your battles beforehand. Weapons and shields remain unaffected.

 Ranged damage dealt by humanoid NPCs has been reduced. This will prevent your character from getting one shotted by arrows under most circumstances – unless you are playing at a higher Difficulty level or up against powerful enemies;

Blocking has been edited as well and is now fully working as initially intended, as in your our Health will only start getting affected once your Stamina runs out. Keep in mind that, in order to avoid exploitation or rendering Blocking perks useless, power attacks will significantly either drain your Stamina or, if the blow is powerful enough, impact your Health straight away;

– Tweaked several enemies: they all now have combat AI customized by Fatality (DLC creatures included), and several creatures had their stats increased making them tougher to beat. Detailed descriptions for them have been added to the Enemies section.



– Player now moves slightly faster while wielding or casting a spell;

– An optional Fatality Mage Movement Patch has been released. This will allow you to overwrite the changes made by Fatality to movement while holding or casting a spell, and therefore make your character move close to normal speed. Due to game engine limitations regarding movement conditions, it is not possible to incorporate in Fatality a movement progression tied to your Magic skill in a way that allows you to have a smooth experience. That is the reason why this patch has been created. Load below Fatality;

– Player able to sprint for a longer period of time. This serves a dual purpose of logic (in vanilla at early levels you can barely sprint until your Stamina gets fully depleted) and strategy. Due to the fact Fatality introduces features like harsher enemies, slower movement with spells or weapons and a longer and more aggressive enemy search radius, the new sprinting values will allow you the possibility of retreating where defeat seems unavoidable. Sprinting movement is now more noticeably different between Light and Heavy Armor;

Stealth and detection have been completely revamped, and all values previously touched by Fatality have been refined. Therefore, Fatality is no longer compatible with Realistic AI Detection as they both change most of the same values;

Several other movement values have been refined for a more realistic, logical experience. These include but are not limited to movement with 1H and 2H weapons, sneaking, sneaking while holding spells, swimming and dodging.



– Introduced a menu configuration option to toggle passive Health regeneration on and off;

New Compound recipe introduced for users who roleplay Green Pact adhering characters. You are now able to craft a compound without the use of any vegetal components. Compound V now requires 2 Bone Meal, 1 Troll Fat and 2 Venison and replaces the previous recipe with the same number (1 Potion of Minor Healing, Magicka and Stamina);

Bandages, Compounds and Curatives injected into leveled lists via script so you can now find them in General Vendors and Alchemists;

New Spell Tome called Cure Trauma injected into leveled lists via script. This allows users who roleplay pure Mages to heal all injuries introduced by Fatality using Magic alone. This is meant to be used only by characters who reach proficiency in the art of Restoration. As such, Cure Trauma is an Expert level spell which requires a 75 Restoration skill and 500 Magicka base cost. This, like all other spell costs, can be brought down via perks or enchantments);

Arm injury altered. It no longer makes you deal 50% less damage, instead you deal 35% less damage and swing your weapon 15% slower. It still causes you to drop your weapon the moment you receive the injury;

Linen Wrap now able to be crafted out of all types of common clothes at the Tanning Rack.