Skyrim Outfitters
Uniquely Tailored

Far too often we're left a bit too cold, a bit overburdened and just a wee bit less fashionable than we should be. The Skyrim Outfitters series seeks to remedy this issue by offering top of the line merchandise to select individuals with a keen eye for northern fashiong. From backpacks to facemasks, jewelry to plate, you're sure to find something to fit you and your budget.
So come on in! Browse the catalog! We have what you need!


Carry Your Gear

Who needs Lydia when you have backpacks?! These backpacks are made of the finest materials with waterskin loops so you can always carry around your water. Or mead. Or ale! We don't judge! Featuring rich brown or dark ebony colour, these packs will compliment any style. Bonus: You can use these packs with an assortment of bandolier pouches, bags and other amazing items. Stop by the Men's Warehouse sometime and try a few out! And for the mage adventurer we have beautiful packs proudly displaying the mythic dawn symbol- after all, who doesn't love a bit of mysticism in their life?

Adventurer’s Gear

Leather for Any Weather

Not everyone enjoys the frigid northern weathers and it's a good idea to layer yourself up when heading to the really cold parts of Skyrim. Adventurer's Gear features light armours with extra-condensed layers of warmth to protect against the elements. These leather pieces fit all genders and all races! These pieces are blended seamlessly into Skyrim so you can take your pick on crafting or finding them. Being warm has never been easier!

Heavy Metal

Metal for the Elements

While most Nord warriors will tell you that too much armour can make the sweat frost you over, some of us need that extra padding when we're not fighting. Let's face it- we can't be fighting all the time (much to a Nord's dismay). We have you covered! Warm and durable layers in assorted metal armours can be yours from adventuring or crafting. My, aren't you stylish?

Vestorium Magus

Cloth Comfort for the Climate

Here at the Skyrim Outfitters we believe that mages should be well protected. Sure, they have a hard time swinging a sword, but at least they can sling a spell. And what better way to sling a spell than in warm clothing?! These beautiful heavy robes will have you feeling comfy even in Lyngwi.


Face the Cold with Style

Having a facemask, or scarf, in the winter months is a no brainer. Since Skyrim likes to dump snow randomly it only makes sense to have some stylish facewear. With colours to match any outfit, these facemasks are sure to be a staple in your wardrobe.

Mens Warehouse

Like the Way You Look

For reasons not understood the men in Skyrim tend to be overlooked for their outerwear. Fear not! The Men's Warehouse has dozens of new accoutrements for you to try out! They also make the perfect man-gift. From designer pouches to tailored legs, the Warehouse has something for any man! Bonus: Women can wear the pouches, too.

Practical Jewelry

Functional Adornments

Who says you can't wear a practical necklace and look stylish? We sure don't! With 51 pieces of jewelry to suit any taste, there's something beautiful for you to find. What's more is you can also craft the rings for your left or right hand! And don't forget the torcs can be worn with a hanging necklace or pendant making you twice the stylist!