TG Committee


Vader –  Tarsh’s right hand man and bottomless idea hound. Co-Author of Fatality and not to mention the invaluable help and input for Divine Atmosphere: Aetherius and the Dark Ages series.  No matter what Tarsh thinks she can do, he can push her to  achieve more. His logic makes Vulcans weep.


The Marauders – Officers


Doc Alva – she has more lore info in her pinky than most will ever learn in a lifetime. She’s one of Tarsh’s primary testers who makes sure that you can’t just sleep in anyone’s bed. Or steal their apples.  She’s basically been around since the start and Tarsh is forever thankful for her loyalty

Kojo decided one night to volunteer himself for a Fatality testing session which lasted into the wee hours of the night because of a rare leveled list bug. Since then he’s been a fantastic fit for testing new styles of mods and fantastic input.

DeusZERO  can break anything- which allows for Tarsh to find creative workarounds for the way different consoles operate. He’s the leading guru on the “DZ Whiterun Loop” and his testing has proved invaluable for X users to be able to get around Whiterun with few hiccups.

Chris – The Meatball – There are very few people in my life that I’d ever want as an older brother and Chris fits the bill for just about anyone. He’s taught me a lot about patience and finding humour in the worst of situations. And when it comes to neat mod ideas, he’s always got a tonne up his sleeve.


The Buccaneers  – Jr Officers

Matt has been part of the Bethesda forums helping people not just with Skyrim but also FO4. He’s provided hours of relief so that Tarsh can spend time in mods instead of answering the same questions over and over. Being from the land down under he definitely knows how to handle pests.

Otheral–  Tarsh’s personal puppy dog and bug sniffer. If it’s broke, he’ll find it! He’s our mascot and always willing to find fun things to chat and laugh about. Having a ruff day? He’ll bark it better!