Vader –  Tarsh’s right hand man and bottomless idea hound.  No matter what Tarsh thinks she can do, he can push her to achieve more. His logic makes Vulcans weep.



The Marauders 



Doc Alva – she has more lore info in her pinky than most will ever learn in a lifetime. She’s one of Tarsh’s primary testers who makes sure that you can’t just sleep in anyone’s bed. Or steal their apples.  She’s basically been around sincethe start and Tarsh is forever  thankful for her loyalty





Barbarian – Landscape and Atmosphere tester. Brutal, blunt, Barbarian.  His one  liners will slay you as much as his two handed weapons







Brother Redbird – makes sure Tarsh doesn’t go bananas when bug fixing. Extremely supportive and she is always grateful for his happy disposition around







Rooster – think tank and Viking aficionado- he has a real penchant for bring out a “realistic fantasy” that can please anyone






Otheral-  Tarsh’s personal puppy dog and bug sniffer. If it’s broke, he’ll find it!






EnderRob- newest member and full of ideas we didn’t know were possible until he thinks of them. He also has a penchant for puns… which Tarsh always appreciates





The Buccaneers  



Kojo decided one night to volunteer himself for a Fatality testing session which lasted into the wee hours of the night because of a rare leveled list bug. Since then he’s been a fantastic fit for testing new styles of mods and fantastic input.





DarthRavadge is the kind of guy you want soaking up information. He’s not afraid to try out new mods or help people with their LO’s. In fact, his LO help has given Tarshana back hundreds of hours that would have been lost otherwise.





WL_Blade has been a consistent TG member who has spent hundreds of hours testing, bug finding, and being an all around good guy. He has dozens of ideas for various LO’s and a keen eye for fun mods.







Tarshana –  Moddess. Six + years of modding experience. Also enjoys cookies and whiskey