I started modding for console when my best friend, Suzy, was diagnosed with a third round of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. When she had to move into hospice we realised her PC wouldn’t fit so we bought an XB for her. Once she got her Skyrim installed we realised how abysmal the modding scene was so I grabbed my CK and started to import mod requests AND work on custom mods. My Divine Series is dedicated in her honour.

I don’t only create mods. I curate content with other OMA’s, collaborate, script, fix namveshes, import for console AND I personally help console users with their Load Orders. I take time to make sure all of you can have the most Divine Experience you can.

I’ve been asked about donations, you have two ways – a monthly gift via Patreon or one time gifts through my PayPal. I’ve also been given Steam cards or Starbucks cards. Monthly donations pay for my Photoshop license and buying new assets for mods. Starbucks cards go straight down my gullet. Steam cards are used to buy CC content for making patches/fixes and anything extra is paid forward to other mod authors who help me.

Note: I do not mod in exchange for money or traded goods. I mod because I love it. I do not mod because someone kisses me arse, either. I mod, as I’ve stated before, because I enjoy it.