Woes of the X

So you did it. You bought an X. All the marketing schemes and promise of “HD”, whistles, bells and hey, probably wipes yer arse, too. And the only thing you probably bought it for is “oh my god Skyrim can be modded on console!” and bought into the lie that somehow modding on console was going to be just like a PC because “we use PC video cards in our console!”

So you bring that bad boy home, film the unwrapping, call your buddies, pop in all the cables, toss out your old console, listening to the HOO RAH shout of the opening Skyrim screen. You download all the mods with the most favourites and stars because those are obviously the litmus for what’s ‘good’ out there. You read a convoluted LO out there and you totally know where the mods go.

So you wait for that opening scene. You don’t need to stinkin’ alternate start! You’re hardcore! You can ride through a milkdrinking cart ride! Oh yeah! You got all the good sexy feel good mods. Later on you’re gonna marry that Serana, you got the bitchin face textures, beer nearby. OH YEAH. You totally got this in the bag!



You’re basically everything that’s wrong with mod users and you’re reading this because you’re tired of your X crashing. But hey, we kinda got some good news for you. You can run Skyrim on the X if you decide to go all vanilla or if you go very very light on the texture and mesh mods.


No, it’s not. But it’s super cute you think so! When you can summon 20 Heimskr’s into Whiterun without crashing you know it has nothing to do with DC or DCV. Case in point- DeusZero’s 20 summoned Heimskr’s


So what’s going on? Bethesda, in their infinite wisdom of “It just works” had decided to force a 4k “patch” for Skyrim users. There’s a code they include that force upscales ALL your textures into 4k. Even those tiny little cups that don’t need more than 512 are now a glorious 4k.

Texture res and screen res are two different things. Microsoft knows that 4k TVs that can benefit more from having 4k texture resolution. Their latest api that was developed for game studies was to force render their targets in 4k capacity to boost the screen images. You can read more about it here: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/chuckw/2017/12/15/directx-and-uwp-on-xbox-one/

BC6H and BC7 are not supported and will be loaded as “uncompressed”. MSAA texture per-sample shaders is not supported

Supported is BC1/BC2/BC3/BC4/BC5

For UWP on Xbox One apps, the system always indicates a window size of 1920 x 1080 (i.e. 1080p). If the TV is running as 4K on an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, the swapchain content is automatically scaled up by the display hardware.


It is also possible to create a native 4k swapchain, but it’s recommended you only do this while running on an Xbox One X. You can check which device the UWP is running on via a new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK (16299) API.


If you use a native 4k swapchain on Xbox One X and the TV is in a 1080p mode, then image is downscaled automatically by the display hardware which does have the effect of ‘super-sampling’ for better image quality. In other words, if you decide to render at native 4k, you should do so regardless of the TV setting.

You cannot disable this. What’s more is that Skyrim was built on Bethesda’s “Creative Engine” which is over twenty years old. This was the same engine used to build Morrowwind. Each generation of games, including Fallout, was used on this thing. Sure it’s 64 bit, but it doesn’t mean that upscaling to 4k textures on a console is going to work.

Just like the PC, once you run out of available video card memory (vram) you will crash. It’s easier to do on low end laptops or console because you have LESS power. Think about that tiny little video card being overwhelmed by having to cache and display 4k textures everywhere. So the next time you want to blame one of my mods for your crashing, take a good, long, hard look at what you’re really doing. For the last few years I have been modding for console and using every trick and tip up my sleeve to provide the best experiences I can.

Stop your insanity and blaming me. Stop blaming USSEP. You have only your console to blame and your own modding practices. Use the Logical Load Order spreadsheet and allow my team and I to help you out. That will save you a lot of headache in the future.