Clever Leveling

This mod aims to control and tame the insane leveling system that Skyrim offers. You can sit there and brew 100 potions and be level 20 in about 5 minutes, but deal with a Fatality driven Madcrub and your heavy armour MIGHT go up one point in 20 minutes. Doesn’t make logical sense does it?!

Skyrim levels you with what’s called “actor values.” AV is affected by perks AND gameplay settings. I got your back, though, I made sure to only adjust the actor values affected by the perk trees and so this comes for Vanilla flavouring and an Ordinator patch.

  • Alchemy – Reduced by 20%
  • 1h and 2h – Reduced by 10%
  • Light and Heavy Armour– Increased by 25%
  • Enchanting – Reduced by 10%
  • Magic Schools– Reduced by 15%
  • Sneaking– Reduced by 30%
  • Lockpicking – Reduced by 30%
  • Archery – Reduced by 20%
  • Smithing – Reduced by 15%
  • Block – Reduced by 5%
  • Speechcraf5 – Reduced by 10%

These reductions ONLY affect how often they can level you. So you need 10% more enchants to increase your leveling up ability. That’s it. These numbers are to  make it so it’s more rewarding to level up and also so the game doesn’t feel “grindy.”

Credits- WL Blade for the idea and testing
xEdit for proper editing of these skills and making sure there’s no wild edits
Tarshana for pushing the publish button

Please get the patch if you use Ordinator or the changes won’t carry over:

LO- if you don’t use Ordinator, you still place this at the top with perk overhauls. IF you know a mod edits the special actor values you can place CIL under it, but you really should only use 1 at a time. If using Ordinator, it should go:



*CIL Ordinator

It is not recommended to remove during mid gameplay but if you do, you can try using restore vanilla settings on a safe save. However, don’t use that as gospel truth for “IT WILL BE FINE”


Perks- what are perks?? And what is an actor value?!!!


These are two important questions one must answer before installing Perk mods or Leveling mods.

A Perk is a bonus applied to your Actor Value. Your Actor Value determines when you level up.For instance- at 30 actor value points of Archery you unlock a perk in the tree called “Critical Shot” (which is renamed in other perk trees). If you alter leveling, you alter your actor value and by default, the perks. If you use a leveling mod and a perk mod, they must be patched

See here:

Values aren’t carried over and the name doesn’t move either which might cause issues with save games


If you notice CIL is loaded under Ordnator- so now Ordinator’s values aren’t carried over. This is bad! If you put Ordinator under CIL, then nothing of CIL gets added or changed. Just a placebo making you think you’re doing anything.

But now…we create a patch:

And now everything is streamlined


Now all of Ordinator’s values are carried over and the alterations we want in CIL to make sure you don’t over or under level.

Happy gaming 🙂