The Ranger’s Call II


It sounded low and deep within my heart. Pounding like the trample of a hundred wild Mammoths, washing over me and causing my blood to pound within my ears. The twang of the carefully created string, the creak of the wood as I pulled back, the air rushing through the fletching… It sounded, and I heeded its call. Now I grace to you all the knowledge I have.

The Ranger’s Call II is a complete overhaul of the fletching system within Skyrim. Create dozens of new bows and arrows through a specially created system accessed by only the most pure Marksman.

The Ranger’s Call Power – This power allows you to craft arrows and scoped  which cannot be crafted anywhere else (more info below). What you can craft will be based on your Marksman level. Craft the Station at the Forge to unlock the recipes.

Arrows – Swift or Force?

While many people enjoy tinkering with their bows; the right weight, tension and so forth, it is said that the arrow is often overlooked. By creating a different weighting system you can now choose to let loose your arrows at a further distance (Swift) or let loose their strength (Force). Each arrow already found can be converted into Swift or Force arrows at your Ranger’s Call Crafting Station. Furthermore, all arrows are craftable at the forge with the right Smithing perks. New arrows are injected into levelled lists.

Unique Arrows

Leaf Arrow – are beautifully designed Elven Arrows with strong fletching and a deep nock . To craft and convert Leaf Arrow you need Archery Level 70

Bodkin Arrow – are simple hunting arrows which have been designed to pierce leather armour. You can craft these from the start but you need an Archery level of 25 to convert.

Thrush Arrows- are deadly arrows that rival Daedric Arrows crafted with the finest materials. Requires Archery level 90 to craft and convert.

Elemental Arrows

Poison Arrow – These arrows are dipped in a poison which causes your enemy to deplete five health points over five seconds and cripple them. Requires 40 Archery level.

Knockback Arrow – Knocksback an enemy that gets too close . Requires 40 Archery level

Use your Ranger’s Crafting Station to create your arrow of choice

Artillery: Death from Afar – Rain death upon your enemies with unrelenting barrages of catapult fire, fireballs and arrow storms. Simply mark your target with your Marker Arrows, use the Launch Barrage power and watch the chaos begin.

Fire Storm – A concentrated rain of fireballs Requires Archery Level 45

Ice Storm – A concentrated rain of ice shards Requires Archery Level 55

Arrow Storm – A concentrated hail of arrows Requires Archery Level 70

Catapult Strike – A barrage of explosives fired from a catapult Requires Archery Level 70

Rock Barrage – A barrage of large rocks Requires Archery Level 80

Marked For Death – Target an individual and an storm of arrows will be fired at the target, following them as they move. Requires Archery Level 100

You can find the workshop in Skyrim (South West of Morthal, next to Cenoba if you have Villages) where a merchant will sell you the items necessary to craft them. You can also find some arrow crates around the world, although they are rare and have limited supply.

Equip the Arrow and a power is added to your magic menu. Select this power. After firing the arrows where you want them, set forth your power and watch the barrages rain down. These arrows are extremely expensive so use sparingly.

If you prefer not to have these arrows (as they are a bit overpowered), there is an optional addon which disables the workshop and from finding/crafting the arrows.

Bows can be Scoped

Scoped Recipes require the base bow + scopes. Scopes are made from glass + ingots. Once you have a bow in your inventory, your scope menu will open up. Some bows are available at the start, others will require you to obtain or craft the bow first. Tempering exists for all scoped bows.

You will also have a chance to see scoped bows in some chests or on enemies

Unique Bows

Longbow- is now craftable with the Ranger’s Crafting Station

Aurial’s Bow- can be upgraded into a scoped version provided you’ve finished “Touching the Sky” and have the original on you

Dravin’s Bow is now unique. After completing his quest he will give you the schematic to craft his bow at a forge. If you wish to scope it, you need to call your Ranger’s Crafting Station

Firiniel’s End – After completing “Bound Until Death” you can craft the scoped version with your Crafting Station

Glass Bow of the Stag Prince – This bow is now unique in look and if you are able to capture it, you can scope it as well

Karliah’s Bow – is now a scoped model. I figure she’d know how to scope her own bow

Nightingale Bow – all Nightingale bows now have a scoped option you can craft with your Ranger’s Call Crafting Station – each one can be enchanted as you see fit.

Froki’s Bow – is can be upgraded into a scoped version

Imperial and Stormcloak Bows – are now craftable when choosing which side to be on, along with scoped versions

Forsworn Bows – Forsworn now have a chance to use a scoped or non-scoped bow when fighting you.

Falmer Bows – Is upgradable to a scoped version

Azurelight Glass Bow – is a beautiful handmade glass bow made of Sapphires. You can craft this after unlocking the Glass Armour Perk at the forge and scope it with your Ranger’s Crafting Station

Silverbore Bow – This bow now has the Silver Perk much like other silver weapons allow you to fight properly against the paranormal enemies of Skyrim. Requires Archery Level 30 to craft and upgrade into a scoped version.

Drainspell Bow – Can be scoped

Bow of the Hunt – Can be Scoped

Zephyr – can be scoped with your Ranger’s Crafting Station, furthermore, the bug fixes from USSEP have carried over so you won’t get stuck with the bow trying to permanently follow you like a lost puppy dog

The Gauldur Blackbow can be scoped at all levels

The Dwarven Black Bow of Fate is now called the Dwemer Black Bow of Fate and has a scoped version you can craft at your Ranger’s Call Crafting Station.

Bound Bows are now scoped with unique features

Follower Bows can now be removed properly from their inventory so you can give them whatever you want to use.

Arrow Recipes have been changed for the September RC Update. You no longer need any blacksmithing perks.

Arrow Recipes

Arrows Create Convert Requirement
Bodkin N/A Archery 25
Leaf Archery 70 Archery 70
Thrush Archery 90 Archery 90
Stalhrim Archery 80 Archery 80
Nordic Arrow Archery 55 Archery 55
Steel Archery 25 Archery 25
Orcish Orcish Smithing Archery 50
Iron Archery 15 Archery 15
Glass Archery 70 Archery 70
Elven Archery 30 Archery 30
Ebony Archery 85 Archery 85
Dwarven Archery 40 Archery 40
Dragonbone Archery 100 Archery 100
Daedric Archery 90 Archery 90
Fire Arrows Archery 30
Poison Arrow Archery 40
Knock-Back Arrow Archery 40
Falmer Arrow N/A
Forsworn Arrow Archery 25
Ancient Nord Arrow N/A

Scope Recipes

Scopes Recipe  Requirement
Basic Iron + Glass  N/A
Steel Steel + Glass  N/A
Dwarven Dwarven + Glass  Archery 30
Orcish Orichalcum + Glass  Archery 45
Elven Moonstone + Glass  Archery 30
Ancient Nordic Steel + Glass  Archery 25
Ebony Ebony + Glass  Archery 75
Falmer Chaurus Chitin + Glass  Archery 30
Forsworn Corundum + Glass  Archery 25
Dark Steel, Charcoal + Glass  Archery 30
Auriel Moonstone + Glass  Archery 40
Stalhrim Shalhrm + Glass  Archery 80
Daedric Ebony, Daedra Heart + Glass  Archery 90
Glass Refined Malachite + Glass  Archery 65
Nord Hero Steel + Ancient Nord Scope+ Glass  Archery 50

Scoped Bows Recipes

  • Pale blue indicates a new forge recipe and its scoped version recipe is under
Bow Scope Materials Requirement
Ancient Nord Bow (Draugr) Steel Scope Leather Strips Archery 25
Angi’s Bow Basic Scope Leather Strips N/A
Auriel’s Bow Auriel’s Scope Leather Strips Archery 50
Bow of the Hunt Basic Scope Leather Strips N/A
Daedric Bow Daedric Scope Leather Strips Archery 90
Dragonbone Bow Dragonbone Scope Leather Strips Archery 95
Drainspell Bow Nordic Scope Leather Strips Archery 35
Dravin’s Bow – Crafted at the Forge n/a 1 sinew, 1 firewood, 3 steel ingots Retrieve Dravin’s Bow Quest completed (Bow to the Master). Steel smithing perk
Dravin’s Bow Basic Sope Leather Strips
Dwarven Bow Dwarven Scope Leather Strips Archery 30
DBBoF Dwarven Scope Leather Strips Archery 35
Ebony Bow Ebony Scope Leather Strips Archery 80
Elven Bow Elven Scope Leather Strips Archery 30
Falmer Bow Falmer Scope Leather Strips N/A
Firiniel’s End Elven Scope Leather Strips N/A
Forsword Bow Forsworn Scope Leather Strips Archery 50
Froki’s Bow Basic Scope Leather Strips N/A
Galdur’s Blackbow Ancient Nord Scope Leather Strips
Glass Bow Glass Scope Leather Strips Archery 70
Glass Bow of the Stag Prince Glass Scope Leather Strips N/A
Hunting Bow – Crafted with Ranger’s Bench   1 sinew; 2 pieces of firewood, 1 Iron Ingot N/A
Hunting Bow Basic Scope Leather Strips N/A
Imperial Bow Recipe – Crafted with Ranger’s Bench   1 sinew; 1 leather; steel ingot; 6 leather strips Join Imperials; Steel Smithing Perk
Imperial bow Steel Scope Leather Strips
Long Bow Recipe – Crated with Ranger’s Bench   1 Sinew; 2 firewood; 2 leathers  
Long Bow Basic Scope Leather Strips N/A
Nightingale Bow Dark Scope Leather Strips N/A
Nord Hero Bow Nord Hero Scope Leather Stripes Skyforge Smithing
Nordic Bow Nordic Scope Leather Strips Archery 50
Oricsh Bow Orcish Scope Leather Strips Archery 50
Stalhrim Bow Stalhrim Scope Leather Strips Archery 80
Stormcloak Bow Craftable with Ranger’s Bench     Join Stormcloaks; Steel Smithing Perk
Stormcloak Bow Steel Scope Leather Strips N/A
Zephyr Bow Dwarven Scope Leather Strips N/A

Mod Compatibility 

It is a good idea to use common sense. Mods that try to alter bows or arrows will not be compatible. Perk trees will be compatible, bound bow retextures will be compatible (place under), Fatality is compatible, KYE is compatible (without patching I swear), DC is compatible and your cat is compatible.

Mod Name Compatible Info
No BS Projectile Dodge No Both mods edit the same gameplay tweak
 Faster Bolts and Arrows or Tweaked anything with arrows or bolts  No  I edit all the arrows
Better/Proper/Aiming Mods  No Includes the proper tweaks for this already
Scoped Bows No Already Integrated
Real Bows No I use 3 models from the same mod, plus there’d be no scopes for them to work properly
 Better Bows Integrated  Yes  But I have no special scoped models for them- they come as is
 OK Weapon Bows  Partially  ** Read Msg From Vader Below

In regards to OK Bows, if you place Ranger’s Call below you lose the following models (but of course gain the new Ranger’s Call models):

  • Angi’s Bow
  • Dravin’s Bow
  • Firiniel’s End
  • Zephyr (which is a slightly different model from the Dwarven bow)

All other bows from OK Weapons will show, even though Ranger’s Call may assign those models to different bows than OK does. Also, the new names OK gives to Angi’s Bow, Dravin’s Bow and Froki’s Bow will revert to vanilla. Note on OK Bows and Scopes: Whenever you scope a bow, that model will either keep the new Ranger’s Call look or revert the model to vanilla. This basically means you get one model for the unscoped bows (from OK) and another for the scoped ones, basically meaning more variety in your game. Plus, if OK simply retextures the bows without changing the model, those new textures still apply to the bow and the scope itself when you upgrade it.