Dark Ages Credits

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John of Skyland for the Quixel tutorials, texture pieces,  WR grass and making my cobblestones fit the grasses :3

Rooster for the initial idea of “Dark Ages” as a theme and the darker roofs along with testing

Barbarian for the insights to the broken landscape bits all over, the screenshots, the feedback and testing

Huge thanks to Mist for the beautiful titles created!! Seriously…Mist always does a job above and beyond expectations.

Vader because I can never thank him enough for all he does; testing, polishing my documents, permission gathering when I was knee deep in photoshop, and you know. Stuff : ) Also for listening to me rant about the damned WR Drabridge Chains

My patrons who have supported me for being able to purchase the aforementioned products. Being able to create and blend brand new textures has been an incredible journey. Thank you ever so much!

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