The primary goal of Tarsh Gaming is to empower the player with information on how to build the best possible Logical Load Order for their Skyrim game. We do this by offering as much information as possible about mod placement practices, current available mods and the Logical Load Order document itself. In order for us to provide this service we need our members to conduct themselves accordingly.

Code of Conduct

1. Respect & Courtesy: We're all new to each other and we're a face on the other side of the screen and therefore it should be our priority to always treat each other in a way which is both courteous and respectful.

This means that if a Marauder is helping you with your load order, snapping at them when they explain a mod you use is dirty is not welcome behaviour. We are volunteers providing a service to help you with your game and verbal harassment is not okay.

If another member has insulted you, please contact a Marauder for arbitration so we can handle the situation. Escalating it yourself won't help the situation. Please note that *all* members are part of this code of conduct. No one with a special colour, or mod author, is immune from treating others with respect. If your issue is with a Marauder, please contact another Marauder to arbitrate.

2. Privacy: We value a person's identity as their own. As such we ask that you keep personal face pictures off the server.

We also ask that you respect mod author's privacy and member's privacy and do not DM them unless they have invited you to. Mod Authors are working on projects and have their own life to lead- if you have questions about their mods you can ask in the lo_mod_help channel and they will answer if they so choose.

Do not ping mod authors unless they've given permission.

Do not ping members unless they have given permission. The only time an officer will ping someone is in response when it has been longer than usual for a response and chat has scrolled.

Do not contact the BGS support person here unless you have been invited to do so.

3.Support: Tarsh Gaming believes in the well being of its members. Personal health or mental crisis should be taken up with a professional. While we are an understanding bunch and can help you with distractions or brightening your day with shenanigans, we cannot be a source of emotional support that exceeds the scope of this server. If you need help finding a professional, please message a Marauder for help links.

4.Character: We ask that all members conduct themselves in a manner they wouldn't be embarrassed by. Ask yourself: "Does my comment add *value* to the conversation?" Usurping other people's commentary, dismissing their personal shares or trying to shame them will not be tolerated.

5.Inclusiveness: We are a haven for all walks of life and discrimination is not to be tolerated. All races, ages, genders, creeds, religions and everything in between is acceptable. What is not acceptable are hate groups, misogyny, bigotry or anything that demeans a person based on what they look like or who they are.

6.Helping Others: Please understand that while all help is appreciated it is the sole responsibility of Marauders and Buccaneers to provide help with the LLO. If none are available feel free to instruct newcomers to utilize the search function. Personal anecdotes and experiences need to be kept out of the load_order_mod_help channel. This ensures that everyone gets the same information and there is no confusion generated by multiple views of a mod or its placement. We have put thousands of hours into helping users to understand mods and their placement and it’s best if that information is easily found and understood by everyone.

7.Fairness & Accountability: Tarshana and her officers are not only part of this code of conduct but have their own as well. As such they hold a joined council for managing each other along with the server. All members are asked to reach out to a Marauder should a serious matter arise.

8:Compliance: All members have a three strike rule. Our discord bot keeps a record of infractions and the person committing the infraction is notified. After three rule breaks the person will be removed. Infractions are removed once a year in accordance with following the conduct of the server. We also reserve the right, as noted in our ToS, to remove people from Discord at any given time for any reason whatsoever. We also reserve the right to remove any posts as we see fit.

By joining or being a member of the Tarsh Gaming Discord you agree to these terms. These terms are subject to change without notification.

Thank you for continuing to keep Tarsh Gaming the best console community to be part of!