This module is an extensive overhaul to stone and woodwork for all of Skyrim cities and villages. My goal was to create a new way of looking at Skyrim with darker roofs and wood staining with more ornate wood carvings instead of paint. These aesthetics were built on the principle that paint is a rare commodity and that actual wood-working and craftsmanship was intrinsic to Nordic culture. Additionally, all windows have been fixed and appropriately cleaned.


The Iconic Trade Hub of Skyrim

An example illustrating woodworking and craftsmanship, Whiterun has undergone a new transformation with blue undertones to the decorative panels and darker wood stains hinting on the use of resin and oils. These textures cover the panelings, roof tops, the Gildergreen trellis, Dragonsreach and Jorrvaskr interiors (they share most of the same kit), all interior home plaster and floors, stone walls, cobblestone paths, windows, market stalls and awnings. Whiterun


Seat of the High King

Seeing as Solitude is built on the cliffs of the Sea of Ghosts, it makes sense for the stone to be tough and weather ready. With beautiful stained glass windows and wood textures that are perfectly weathered for sea life, Solitude looks like the enchanting sea port it is. These textures cover all stone in the city and the marble Blue Palace floors, interior and exterior wood, stained glass windows, dock wood and features smim'd ropes. Solitude


City of Snow and Stone

Windhelm is fraught with snow and icy cold winds, but it also has an interesting dynamic being so close to Morrowind. In the 2nd century the Argonians and Dunmer teamed up with the Nords to form the Ebonheart Pact. Remnants of that alliance can still be seen today. Walking through the oldest city should provide a sense of established architecture that's been properly cared for all these hundreds of years. This pack covers the groundwork, stone and wood, windows, Wall of Heroes, and properly UV mapped meshes for the large buildings. Windhelm


Ancient City of Stone and Magic

Markarth is situated in the Reach which has very little healthy wood and therefore the stone and Dwemer metal dominate this hold. The Dwemer metal matches the same metal found in both Dark Ages Dungeon packs because Markarth shares the same door texture. This pack also contains meshes that help ease a lot of blurry lines from all the sharp edges. It covers the mine cobble stones, the dirt and all stone buildings and roofs. Interior and exterior stone share the same texture sets. Markarth


Pirates, Tramps, and Thieves

Riften is built right on Lake Honrich and features locks and docks, a beautiful capital palace and is also home to the Thieves Guild. The Rift itself is temperate compared to the rest of Skyrim and is well known for its beautiful aspen trees. The goal of this texture pack was to incorporate all of that without taking up too much space. Included are the dock woods and smim'd ropes, windows, stone pathways, the interior wood wall and floors and also the special brick for the plaza. Riften


Winterhold, Morthal, Falkreath, Dawnstar + Villages

Farmhouses take up quite a bit of Skyrim so it's important they maintain a look of wear with care. Thatched roofs are given a notably darker tone as seen in more northern climates. Farmhouse texture sets include the stonewalls found throughout Skyrim, the wooden platforms and walkways, interior stone floors, stone walls, the windmill, the woven fence and, of course, smim'ed ropes. Farmhouse Gallery